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MG MGF Technical - Holy cow! K&N Noise


Just fitted my K&N kit this afternoon and taken the car for a spin.

I've never been in an F that has a K&N fitted before. What a noise!

What I get is essentially an unchanged engine note when idling and at constant speed. If you blip the accelerator gently there is a sort of hissing 'air moving fast through a pipe' type noise. If you really accelerate hard there is a throaty reverberating noise, bit like the exhaust noise from a car with a really big engine like TVR or Porsche.It was quite scary to hear it the first time. I could get use to it though!

I'm only worried that the air pipes may be rattling against the exhaust or something, to make this noise. Having said that, you'd expect to hear that when idling as well, I would have thought.

Guess I'll have to wait til the Essex Roadsters meet or Silverstone to check against some other cars.

Raj Jena P58 NVF

Raj Jena


Sounds like you have a perfectly normal K&N. Enjoy :-))


Raj, you bastard!

Here I was being all responsible and not going to fit a K&N until my warranty's up and I think your posting's just pushed me too far. If it makes such a throaty noise that you actually think something's busted, then I've got to get one.

I've just got to get one...!
David Bainbridge

Raj, just check periodically that the hose doesn't slip on the point it clamps to the air intake. I tightened mine up as tight as I dare and it wasn't enough, it began to slip off, so I tightened it a bit more.

If it hasn't moved after a week or two, you should be safe!

Welcome to the K&N club, I also thought I had done something wrong and broken something, the noise was that loud!

Have Fun!

Steve Childs


So you don't want my help any more then :-(


Glad you're impressed mate, i can only recall one person who wasn't (wierd of what!) on this BBS and i would highly recommend an air filter to anyone.

I assume you didn't get one of Tom's brackets. I think i have a spare around here somewhere, if i can find it i'll bring it along on Thursday for you.

Scarlet Fever

Ah yes, that's the next thing on my list of dark-side mods, albeit probably the cheapest item you could get.

Anyone know if Tom is going to be at Siverstone at the end of this month?

Steve Childs

Raj, I've just fitted my 57i kit this saturday afternoon too! The sensation was exactly the same!

When I floored my foot in second gear I thought... Well, I don't know what I thought but I know it was great!!

Then I shifted to third... and I couldn't shifted to fourth anymore... I had to let it cut for the first time at 7000 plus!!! It's impossible to improve consumption, this way!

One question: Raj, did you remove the ressonator box? I did, but I don't know if it was done properly. It took ages!


Valter Fernandes

Valter - I left resonator box in place. The printed instructions said that it did not require removal. Guess there may be a bit more space for air ducts with it out.

Scarlet - Managed all by myself just as you said. Would be interested in the bracket though. I should be at the Thursday meet, so it you could bring it along.

Raj Jena P58 NVF
Raj Jena

Now, if I could only find somewhere in Australia to buy a 57i kit, they aren't even in the catalouge here :o( Shipping is very expensive as well....but you guys make it sound woth the price.

Sounds like a TVR I do not think so. A TVR noise is much more deeper and certainly has a lot more BHP and torque. The K&N does not do anything except make a lot of noise and loose torque. What we need is some serious BHP with torque in the F. Something with at least 250BHP. The silly 160 BHP that the Trophy has is no more than what a 2.0L family sallon will give you. Facy a burn up with a grandad driving his Lexus 200 or Audi etc.

Out of interest, how many of you have got Tom Randles's bracket?

Is it worth using or not?



If you had read the posting correctly you would have seen that the guy was trying to find something that we would all understand when giving his description hence he says:- A bit like..... He did not say:- The same as...

So do us a favour old chap read carefully next time.

We all know that a huge TVR engine is going to be different to a mere 1.8 litres of MG engine - but thats the charm of it!

Ted Newman

Steve, Essex

<<What we need is some serious BHP with torque in the F. Something with at least 250BHP>>

No, what you need is a sense of perspective. Not all of us are so inadequate that we need to trash our motors to get a 250BHP knob extension.

And so what if someone in Lexus or Audi burns you up? Do you really have that low a self-opinion that this bothers you?

Raj, enjoy the noise and have some fun.

Is there a school holiday in progress? :o)
Paul Lathwell


There are plenty of cars out there with brackets as I have sold over 50 and as of yet have only heard of one bracket falling off. My tubes have stayed intact for 30000 miles without further damage and if anything hits the bracket it will bend but keeps the pipes in position.

I still have some in stock but once it is finished I don't think I will be producing anymore unless there is sufficient demand.

Tom Randell

Tis a great noise isn't it. When i first fitted mine i kept phoning people while i was driving (hands free) and then flooring it. and the TVR comment, i can go with that, one of my friends b*st*rd, your not driving your dads XKR are you, that made me grin, but theres more evidence that the sound gives a leaning towards a nice V8 rather than a wizzy little straight 4.

I have just put a K&N on my manta, and i was a bit disappointed at first by the lack of noise, it was there, but its just not the same not having it right next to your ear. Then i went through a tunnel, and it sounded better than the F :o)


Sorry but you have missed the point. The car is surposed to be a sports car, but the engine lets it down. The point about the lexus is just putting into context. MG Rover could do a lot better by getting a more modern engine with more torque etc. Engine design from early 1990's and designed around 1.4 1.6 not 1.8. The car design is over 5 years old is is desperately crying out for a major overhaul. Producing a 160 BHP Trophy is just not good enough. If MG Rover are to survive then they need to think radical and not tinker around the edges.

I have to disagree with your comment that MG must think radical to survive, MG have always done best by 'pandering' to the majority, by giving a car that is an affordable sports car and by doing it with a platform that allows the enthusiasts to 'tinker'.

Lotus on the other hand have always been radical - so you pays your money and you takes your choice!

No I (and many thousand others) think that MG Rover have more or less got it right.

Ted Newman

Steve, the thing that you have to remember is that when the MGF was produced it was being made as cheap sports car, and one important factor in that is insurance. up the hp and the insurance shoots up and cuts the potential market for the car. However i do agree that the engine isn't at its best in the 1.8 form, but it can't be too bad, its used in enough different cars and there is also more than enough methods of tuning the engine and a huge number of people ready to do the work.

The car also isn;t really that slow, but rather than very quick it is comfortably quick and will keep up with most cars and be much quicker than nearly all cars when it gets to the twisty stuff, so IMO it does its job nicely.

On the other hand, i have more no calims now so i could afford the insurance on a supercharged F, so maybe its about time MGRover

Steve, i also think that you'll find that the trophy is only the start, and as for tinkering about on the edge, that isn't what they are doing, there will be a beasty MGF with springs all round and i reackon it will be a very very quick car and highly sort after.

>>>>I have to disagree with your comment that MG must think radical to survive

Yup - the 1.6 is the important one, not the Trophy!

David Bainbridge

Steve Where is it written that a sports car must have 250BHP?

If you want that kind of performance then why would you buy an MGF?

I may be wrong but I can't think of a two seater roadster with 250BHP that you can get for under 20k.


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