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MG MGF Technical - Hong Kong Bound F

Before anyone questions my sanity, it has already been covered on this BBS and It has been decided that I am infact insane. But in my defence, if I decide to sell it over here I can expect 7500 quid. Not bad for an early mk2 I hear you say.

Still anyone that has visited the dark side will know where I'm coming from in my love for this Longbridge lump. And I totally refuse to almost give away my F at current values in the UK.

I wanted to thank everyone who helped me on the Idle speed thread, as it helped me process some paperwork much more quickly. It now looks like my F will sail towards the far east in July.
Everything is looking up!

I think you're going to love it Paddy! When I've visited Maccau and Hong Kong, I've always wished I had my F with me!

BTW do you have aircon on your car?
Rob Bell

Have a nice travel to both of you. I would definetely have kept my F.

and above all it will be nearer it's new marque owners!!
Ted Newman

>> and above all it will be nearer it's new marque owners!! <<

LOL - true - and that should make getting hold of cheap parts rather easier!
Rob Bell

Speaking of which. Is longbridge any closer to being of any use to Nanjing?

Will the TF ever get built again?

Rob-Funny you should ask about a/c. I did consider asking MGF Centre to do it, but I just cant justify it. I plan to sell my hardtop and just keep the roof down for 10 months a year rather than just 5 in UK

Yigit- Thanks for the kind sentiment. I would have bought one out here but I cant get my legs under the steering wheel of the mk1 (stopped selling them in 97/98). And I pained over finding the right F back in 2002 in the UK.

TF is said to be re-entering production from March 2007 - I guess we'll all have to wait and see...
Rob Bell

This is funney rearly as my F and my maets F came from there in 97.

I understand there are about 70 f's in HK. They sell for between 3500 and 6000 pounds. All mk1s. So I doubt there is much call for exporting them to the UK these days.

This thread was discussed between 21/06/2006 and 24/06/2006

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