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MG MGF Technical - Hood help, please

I had to go on a 2 week business trip and got back Thurs 25.10.01. I would normally have put the hard top on my MGF before going away, but did not on this occasion, because the hood was damp and I did not want to fold it away to rot over winter! On my return, the exterior surface of the hood felt bone dry, but the inner surface was slightly damp, with a thin (but widespread) layer of white mouldy stuff growing! I suspect that this is due to Manchester's wet atmosphere (condensation) and not driving / warming the car for two weeks. I think that the mould will rub off easily enough, but it will probably come back and eat my hood over winter, if I don't do something more comprehensive. I am reluctant to use standard household sprays etc, because I don't want to damage the hood. Anybody had this before? Any good ideas for a long-term solution?
Richard / "Bart"

I have been treating my hood annually with a silicone based tent waterproofer which also resists mould growth. It is easy to apply to the outside with a paintbrush but I do not know how you could treat the inside without removing the hood.

One thing is sure, untreated mould both stains and rots fabric.


Mould needs water, heat and food to grow. Water was from the lovely damp atmosphere we 'enjoy' in Manchester, heat from the engine and sun (when we get it!), and food is the hood material itself plus dissolved solids from the rain. Remove any one of these and it stops growing. So make sure you dry out the hood properly before folding it up for the winter and brush off any staining and it should be ok

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