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MG MGF Technical - Horn Blowing Fuel Pump/Horn Fuse

Started engine no problems, guy pulled out on me so used the horn, then the car cut out on me...Called RAC and he said that the engine wouldnt start as there was not fuel getting to engine...It turns out that by using the horn it was shorting out, it blew the fuse that works both the horn and fuel pump....How can I find out if I need just a new horn or if its a electrical fault...Called auto electrician and he said its gonna take 3 hours + to find electrical fault and a lot of money..
j hall

This sounds like the classic ar*e/elbow conundrum. Find another ''auto electrician''.
C.R.B. Simeon

Agree, get to someone reliable.

The wiring diagrams might be useful in any way.
& (for MEMS Relay)
Me's no auto electrician but 4me it looks like both the pump and horn are linked to Fuse 1 in the underbonnet fuse box ?

Someone else please.


Try replacing the horn by disconnecting and fitting 12v bulb start the car, press horn on steering wheel if the light works and the car keeps running the fault was the horn if not then you need auto electrician to trace wiring fault.

Good Luck

What he said, but I wouldn't bother with the lamp.

Also be careful to check around the wires at the horn to make sure that they are not chaffing on anything, because as soon as you unplug the horn it will move the wire and make you believe that the horn is at fault
Will Munns

Thanks guys for all your help, i feel I'm a woman on a mission now, hopefully I wont get ripped off
j hall

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