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MG MGF Technical - Horn probs!

After having my hardtop stolen earlier in the year (Union jack one!!) I noticed that my horn doesnt work and its almost MOT time so I need to fix it, and as my alarm didnt go off i have heard of thieving gits cutting the wires to the horn so that it doesnt?? I have checked the horns out with a meter and there is no power going to them at all, anybody got any ideas of where they cut them?

Wayne D

have you tried the fuse.
check the wiring behind the fuse box.
if this fails contact a car electricl agent.
r.f.j. griffiths

I,ve checked the fuse and all the accessable wiring which is fine, the problem seems to be where the loom goes into the side of the wing. I,m an aircraft electrician by trade so if i can find where the wires have been cut then I will repair it myself but i dont know where they go after the entrance to the wing???

Wayne D


OK if you know wiring, then I suggest you might wnat to run a new wire thru. I assume the alarm doesn't work either.

The wires from the push buttons run to the rotary coupler on the steering wheel, this allows electrical contcat whilst you turn the steering wheel, from there it goes to a relay. So i would suggest you start at the realy and see if the really is still switching by looking at the coil side, and then check power to the switch side of the relay.

The relay has the same power in feed to the coil and to the switch side in the relay from the fuse box under the bonnet which you say you have checked.

The other side of the coil goes to your horn push via the coupler and the switch side goes out to the horn.

So where's the relay ! - good question, there have been several changes in the fuse box and wiring, so I suggest you pull a relay and if indicators, fog lights, heated windows etc etc don't work its wrong relay, eventually you will find it and you can check its the right one by removing the fuse under bonnet and if the feed disappears and when you put fuse back in the 12v feed appears then thats it.

Hope this helps


B Buick

Wayne, I know this doesn't help you, but discussing where a thief could cut the wires to disable the horn on a public forum is not a good idea! We don't wan't to give these toerags anymore help in stealing our cars or hardtops.


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