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MG MGF Technical - Hose Clip on TB

I started to strip my car down tonight to fit an ITG air filter. Everything is going OK except I'm unsure how to get the hose clip off the TB without destroying it. Is this possible and if so how do you do it? I've got a new jubilee clip with the ITG kit.
David Clelland


I removed this strange type of clip without any problems, it did not cause any damage and I used it again when I fitted my new TB.

Without looking at it I cant remember the process of removing but if you haven't had any response by the morning I will get back to you.



When I went out to look at the car I remembered I replaced this clip with a Jubilee Clip which came supplied with my K&N 57i.

I seem to remember the original clip had a raised bump section which held the clip in place. I just used a screw driver to lift the zig zag section and it sprung loose.

It was re-usable but if you have a Jubilee clip use that as it is much easier but do not overtighten it when fitting the ITG.

Yup, just use a screw driver blade to gently prise open from one side, and it'll spring open. :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks guys, I'll give it a go after tea.
David Clelland

You not at work today David?

No comment Leigh
David Clelland

So, how'd it go?!
Leigh Reid

Still waiting... either dave's been having a lot of trouble with routing that air pipe, or there is a benefit to having an ITG fitted!

select products,
then 'Air Filters'

This suggests, through testing that the ITG induction kit isn't as good as just the filter (2 min job).

I have the filter.. the sounds no better, the umpgh 'feels' like its better (I think).

Anyone rollin'roaded an induction kit that disputes this then?
N Hillier

Sorry Leigh,

I did as was suggested and attacked the clip with a screwdriver. It came off no bother. Had to do a small alteration to the fixing plate so that it fitted the bracket on the car. Filter box was a bit awkward to get into place - not much room to play with. Connected up to the TB with jubilee clips and fitted the cold air induction pipe to the side air vent. This was the bit that I wasn't looking forward to but it was probably the easiest bit of the whole job.

When tested I'm pleased to report that the ITG Maxogen is NOT as noisy as a K&N. Throttle response is better than before and I seem to have more torque when accelerating. All in all I'm very pleased. So it looks as if I'm going to be large in your mirror on the runs for quite a while yet:-)
David Clelland

Golly good david, glad your pleased. Might need to start looking into some tweaks myself to keep you from zipping past me on the straights.

N Hiller - main problem with filters only on the 'F' is surely that they're breathing hot air. Advantage of closed system means that air is drawn from cold source, and that (IIRC) air is stagnant at the point above the air intake (when it's at it's most dense).

>>This suggests, through testing that the ITG induction kit isn't as good as just the filter (2 min job).
Anyone rollin'roaded an induction kit that disputes this then? <<

I'm familar with the tests that Matt Smith and Roger Parker performed at Alan's RR - Rog and I have discussed this a couple of times, particularly the discrepency between the MGF K&N results and those that Matt and Rog saw on the FWD BRM. I shan't go into any detail here about the reasons for the differences, suffice to say that there are plenty of potential explanations!

With respect to the difference between standard, open cones and enclosed induction kits, well this was what the King Cone 2 tests were designed to answer.

Unfortunately, the jury is still out...

Watch this space!
Rob Bell

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