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MG MGF Technical - hose EXPLODES again

managed to replace hose and fit new jubilee clips.
Filled with new Green antifreeze (blue actually)
still got a leak.
On the ramp, can see antifreeze dripping from the sticky out bit of casting at the gearbox end of the engine. Twixt head and block.
Now I'm guessing the head gasket has gone (no water in oil or vice versa)
There are some gasket and stretch bolt sets available on Ebay.
But there is some difference in price.
What do I look for in the gasket material,
(copper or alum coloured with silicon beading?)
see this ebay # 4625153023 for reference

Is this good?
AP Jones

It is unusual for the gasket to fail here, this connection is where all the hoses and water sensors meet the head - are you sure it's comming from between the two?

Get the gasket from the Landrover dealer, not Ebay, most strech bolts can be reused, they can stretch on the thread (use bolts end to end, threads interlocking to check obvious) the workshop manual gives tollerances easily measurered by doing them up without the head on. The gasket should have lots of black bits on it, rather than being thin shinyness with brown beading.
Will Munns

It certainly appeared to be leaking from there.
I suppose coolant might be squirting there from a leak elsewhere in the vicinity - but where?

I will put the blighter back on the ramp and have a look again before going home.
BTW Oil temp rarely gets above 65 Degrees. is this normal? even in Summer? the F has AirCon
AP Jones

One problem here is that the shoulder on the casting into the head that the top hose attaches to can wear away over time, meaning that the hose doesn't seal too well and leaks.

Rob Bell had this - he may be able to add more info.
Dave Livingstone

I had another look, from top (rubber air inlet hose removed for better view) and and from underneath. Still can't see where its leaking from. The hoses all appear to be dry. The joint between head and block , particularly around the sticky out lump on the top of the block at the gearbox end.
Most of the coolant is dripping from the gearbox, more than appears to be seeping from the sticky out lump.
The sticky out lump is on the top corner of the block, above the exhaust manifold, gearbox end .
Too much coolant loss to be happy with. engine has not got above normal but seems to be a lot of pressure in header tank.
AP Jones

could be that the coolant loss and the popped off hose are both causes of a previous HGF, of the (unusual) combustion to coolant style. You should also junk your expansion tank cap, as they should vent before either of the coolant system failures occurs.
Will Munns

I replaced the expansion cap at the same time as the new hose and coolant. The central rivet thing wasn't popped outat all on the original. It looked exactly the same as the new one !!
A series engines are much easier to work on.
I still can't work out what's wrong with Pams F The hose was certainly pressurized by something , I wonderd if it was because the orignal coolant was the original coolannt (6 years old) But could only think that its a HGF however there is no oil in the coolant and no water in the sump,
(frogeye and 72 midget)
AP Jones

I had the actual water temp sensor leak. It gave spurious temp readings. TechSpeed replaced it for me and no more problem.

Bruce Caldwell

The cooling system does run at pressure, but not enough pressure to knock of a hose, When I do the HGF on Beckys I will be using 4life coolant which is not water based at all and apparently does not expand and put pressure on all these bits.
Will Munns

Habe you eliminated the inlet manifold gasket?

John Thomas

Could be the gasket where the elbow joins the head.
Ken Waring

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