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MG MGF Technical - hot restart

Hello all,

I have a starting problem with my 1998 MGF VVC.
Basically, 'something' simply cuts the engine after it's been started - it maybe runs for about 2 secs before being shut down.
You can then repeat the sequence by immobilising and then de-immobilising it and it will do exactly the same thing.
I never have this problem when the engine is cold (like in the mornings) or after a longer period of cooling down. It only happens when I try to restart
the engine when it is "hot" (like when I refuelled it), sometime it happens even when I only drive the car for some 10 or 15 km so I don't think that
whole engine is already "hot" then.

The car has been in my ROVER/MG garage now for over a week but they can't find the problem.
They replaced a tempsonser, a new ECU, looked to the steppermotor, reset/reloaded the software.
Nothings seems to help...

Does anyone has/had the same problem? And what is the cause of this ?
I looked in the archives for something simular but most of the starting troubles are related to cold or damp weather. Mine is just opposite, it starts good in the morning or rain, just not when the engine is warm


Geert, Oliver H. had a similar problem on the recent riveria run, it turned out to be the connection on the fuel pump? under the round inspection cover on the NS of the large engine access plate, a simple removal and replacement cleared it, but it did occur once more.
Tony Stu or Oliver may have more info .
HTH Mike


The problem Oliver had was the plug on the fuel pump which is under the circular plate to the left of the engine bay access plate.

Unplug the connector from the pump and see if any of the plug pins look burnt or carboned up.. if it is best replace the plug connector.

Oliver's symptoms were slightly different in the fact the engine would turn over but not start but it might be worth taking a look!


S.C. Dickens

Sounds like vapour lock, but would happen less on cold days, if it is then try changing your petrol station/fuel grade and see if that helps.
Will Munns

I just got a phonecall from garage to tell that they fixed my car.
Apperently the Lambda sensor (or how it is called?) was broken.

About the vapor lock.
In Belgium i usually use unleaded 95RON fuel (is a little cheaper) but my problems started after i went on a holiday in Slovakia, on the German and Austrian highways I toke 98RON, I last toke fuel in Austria then drive still about 300km to arrive at my destination. Then it started.
That fuel was stil in my car until a few days ago when i could take my MG for a testdrive after the garage thought they fixed it.
I had to take fuel so i went to my normal fuelstatoin and toke 95RON again.

Maybe i just got a case of bad fuel....

Geert Maes

Just had problems again to start this morning, so it was not the Lambda sensor...

Yesterday he was doing fine, today not...

anyone anyother suggestions ?
Geert Maes

This thread was discussed between 15/05/2003 and 16/05/2003

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