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MG MGF Technical - Hot Weather Fuel Problems?

I began driving my '67 BGT in November, 2005, and it ran beautifully except in hot weather. By June of this year, when I retired it to storage for the summer, the symptoms became predictable. Whenever the outside temperature was above 90F, and the car had been driven until fully warmed up, then parked for 30 minutes, gas would leak from the carburetors and the engine would barely run when it was started. The car would limp along for five minutes, then it would be o.k. again.

It was as if there were too much fuel pressure coming from the Facet electronic pump, so I installed a pressure regulator and dialed it down to 1.5 psi. This seemed to help, but did not completely cure the problem.

Another problem appeared on days when the outside temperature was 95F or higher. When the car was fully warmed up and driven at freeway speed for twenty or thirty minutes, it would act as if it were running out of gas. The engine would sputter and lose power. If I pulled to the side of the road and idled the engine for a couple of minutes, everything was back to normal.

I am driving the car daily again in anticipation of cooler weather, so I'd appreciate any ideas for fixing these problems. I am planning to rebuild the carbs and replace the fuel pump, but I'm also wondering if the symptoms might be caused by overheated fuel pipes or something less obvious. Thanks. -G.
Glenn G

Glenn, Having fuel injection does away with your problem, sorry you have come to the wrong page B's are the next heading down.
Andrew Regens

This thread was discussed on 11/10/2006

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