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Whist working abroad for 2 months I garaged my 1996 VVC, disconnecting battery and covering with a cotton car cover.

To my horror when I was reunited with the car today the interior was covered with mildew. Everything, leather, plastic, steering wheel. I'm gutted.

What is the best way to preserve the car over a period of months? Would a desicant be advisable?

Also the engine needs to be turned over alot: 5 to 10 second bursts over 5 to 10 mins. It eventually started but not without a whiff of petrol vapour. Is this the best way to bugger up the catalytic converter?
How can this prob be aleviated?

I really love my f
Yours in desperation
Mike Coward


I'm sorry about that (sorry) sh*t. :(
Obviously you had a lot of moisture in the carpets. Never heard of this problem, or other friends didn't talk about it.

You didn't leave any door screen open, dud you ?
May be that can prevent from mildew.

But there also must be a reason for the wetness in the compartment. Are the carpets still wet ?

Also the starting problems indicate IMO on humidity problems, but at the engine itself. Wet ignition cables i.e. and the sparks connectors are also sensible on humidity.

Hmm, may be a good idea for the compartment, but you need a speciall equipment and I guess 'some pounds' of it to get all dry.

Dieter Koennecke

Sounds like you have a wet carpet or moisture somewhere in the cabin... Leave the windows open a bit. Is the garage dry inside?

If the battery is not in tip top condition this may account for poor starting. If you have left the fuel low this may be a problem. Fuel does tend to go off a bit.

What are your plugs like? Perhaps oil has drained out of the hydraulic tappets so valves don't open properly.

Regarding the CAT, in some cars, if you floor the throttle and turn over this cuts off fuel supply and purges unburnt fuel from exhaust helping to save cat.

Just some suggestions, I'm sure the others will have more accurate answers.

Best Wishes for New Year,

Ewan R
T515 MLS

Ewan Ramage

Deiter beat me to it!

You can buy dessicant and a plastic container from caravan accessory shops. They do work - I have used them in my caravan before.

Ewan Ramage

Thanks for the advice guys.

The passenger side carpet IS damp. I think that may be the air-box problem which I have heard about before on this BBS(comments please).

Despite disconnecting the battery I had to jump-start. It still took some time to start. I had a full tank. Maybe the fuel in the line had evaporated.
Mike Coward


>You can buy dessicant and a plastic container from caravan accessory shops

Yes, thats what I also meaned as 'equipment'. I'm sorry, but I didn't recall 'plastic container'.
Used it also and agree, it works. Had a guestroom in a cellar several years ago. The outer walls had been quite cold and not right sealed. Such a container got placed permanently in the room and collected about half a liter of water per week.
I recall it was 2 containers over each other. The below was a kind of bucket to collect the water. The upper a Filter (container with holes in the bottom), carrying a pound dessicant.

try 'heater' and 'leak' and 'carpet' as keywords in the MGF technical archiv for help on this item.

Happy new year
12 hours 16 minutes left here for the old millenium :)

Dieter Koennecke

>>. Maybe the fuel in the line had evaporated.

Possible but unlikely as, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the fuel line pressurised?


Ewan Ramage

Experience with damp related issues with a friends Escort Cosworth has led him to purchase a Carcoon and the difference is quite amazing. Previously even if the cars was apparently dry parking in a new and large garage would see damp starting to collect and cause problems of corrosion and signs of mould. Since the car has been parked in it's sealed 'plastic tent' these are things of the past.

The Carcoon has two 'computer' fans that push a constant stream of air through the 'tent' and this is operating 24hours a day. Even when the car has gone back damp it is dry within a day. There is also a battery managment system includes which monitors and keeps the battery fully charged and in full working order.

The priciple of storing cars in these 'tents' is a good one and there are a number of companies selling variations on the theme for about 350ukp. The MGOC was able to supply Carcoons at competitive prices so it's worth visiting their web site. I only have expereince of the Carcoon which was bought via one of the Cosworth Clubs, and this expereince is very positive.


Roger Parker

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