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MG MGF Technical - How many MGF improved/re-engineerd parts?

Hi there

Having recently replaced various parts on my F, I was shocked to see how many parts have been "improved" or re-engineered by MG Rover since the original F launch.

To make matters worse, I just found out that my head gasket failed at 23 000 miles! HGF's are apparently another factory fitted "feature" on F's!

I've replaced the following parts that have been re-engineered on my car to date:

1. Grommets to hold the door cards in place
2. Brake light switch
3. Electric window winder stop clips

Are there any more that I should be on the lookout for?


Philip Pienaar
PJ Pienaar

I suspect hundreds. I don't suppose i know of even half of them, but here are a few that you might wasn to consider...

1 ) Expansion tank cap (changed several times so far).
2 ) Window stops (at least 3 different types, latest version is a bolt with black plastic protection to the head and nut) - is this the same as your #3?
3 ) Bootlid grommets (to prevent leaks)
4 ) Bootlid lock protector (foam pad to protect the lock barrel on the inside of the bootlid)
5 ) Rear light cluster bulb carrier protectors (only available very briefly on the early MY2K Fs, extremely rare. Cover caps for bulb carrier to protect from luggage in boot).
6 ) Rear light cluster gasket - thicker version available
7 ) Hardtop rear support catches (newer ones incorprate a 'foot')
8 ) TF air intake (different design to the Fs airbox, resulting in no leaks (that i have heard of anyway)).
9 ) Steel head locating dowells (as opposed to plastic)
10 ) Heavy duty head gasket (bead bonded and pinned through gasket rather than simply bonded alone)
11 ) OAT coolant (longer life)
12 ) Aluminium throttle body (48mm and 52mm)
13 ) TF exhaust manifold heat shield

And there are probably loads more. There are also the changes made to the MY2K F, interior trim, T-Bar speakers, door cards + tweeters, fascia, heater dials, dial faces, digital mileometer, electric mirrors etc etc etc. And the changes made to the TF - subframe bracing, thicker anti-roll bars, engine bay bracing, interior windscreen trim (now black)...

The list is very extensive and is only known in full within MGR i would imagine (although Dieter has a fair knowledge of what, when and where).

Scarlet Fever

you missed out

rubber seal for the windscreen/softtop/window glass
Soft top design
Tonnueo (SP?) cover
Electric wing mirrors
Projector headlights
Will Munns

speedo cable
Will Munns

Twin coil (for MPi)
air filter box
Will Munns

Yup, there are plenty more than those!!! Ranging from detail improvements to the Bosch ABS system and upgrades of the EPAS through alterations in the body work (some very obvious with the TF, others not so) through mechanical and engine upgrades (different bottom end bearings, different liners, different gaskets, different head designs etc etc)... the list is very nearly inexhaustable.

What area are you looking to 'upgrade' Philip?
Rob Bell

Hi Rob,

Its not that I want to upgrade - it more what I should be looking out for!

I've also just replaced the speedo cowl - which mysteriously cracked!

...something gives me the idea that the F was never engineered properly in the first place?



PJ Pienaar

The F is ten years old this year - do you expect that during that 10 years there shouldn't have been improvements? can you name another car which wen't more than 2 years without quality improvemnts?
Will Munns

Improvements - yes I do expect them, but so many?

I'm not referring to F to TF changes. I'm referring to parts on the F that was replaced due to the original design failing eg: grommets in doors.

PJ Pienaar

Then there are the "Upgrades" and "Improvements" which deleted some of the niceties to make a cheaper car.
Seat back Pockets, Stainless Exhaust,2nd Horn, Underbonnet Light, Hydragas Suspension, Boot Net, Boot Engine Access Plastic Flaps and all those that we do not see.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Most improvements (count wise) where done until the end of 1997.

Most important later.
- inlet manifold gasket (MPI plastic mold)

To add to the minor list:
- Mirror handle gaitor (hose) added in 1996
...and a few more.
Some are at

Dieter K.

>Improvements - yes I do expect them, but so many?

Yes, go find the MINI one website and find out how much has changed in the past 3 years for comparison, note that a lot of the BMW niggles are hidden in service items like flash ECU upgrades so you never hear about them.
Will Munns


Seatbelt escutcheons (official recall - changed to screw in type)

Bootlid hinge bump stops

Upgraded suspension bump stops

Rear window zip (heavier duty)

Sun visor bracket cover trims

MG logo'd threshold plates

...probably loads more... ;-)

Scarlet Fever

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