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MG MGF Technical - how many miles on a tankfull?

I have driven 435 miles so far on this tankload and there is still some left!!!
admittedly it is nearly all Motorway miles

how much does anybody else get on a full tank ?


about 400 TF160
s lammie

MGF = 380-400
ZS = 250-300 - eeek! :-o

Scarlet Fever

I'm licky if i'm getting 450 km ( yes, kilometers not miles) out of one tankload !!

Don't do much highways but still, it seems i have a heavy right foot !!
I definitely need a K&N to reduce fuelconsumption !! :-)

Licky => lucky !!
need smaller fingers too !

I get about 400/420 mostly on Mway in TF160
G A Glasgow

Christ I get about 350ish!
Bob Millar

What car/engine do you have Bob???
G A Glasgow

>>What car/engine do you have Bob???

I think it might be the Lead Foot that is the problem eh Bob? ;-)

I get between 380-450 (only had 450 once though and I was a little concerned towards the end). 97 VVC with K&N & DAYTONA

1.8Mpi with enclosed K&N, De Cat Pipe & Mike Satur Sprint Exhaust!

Do have a tendency to put the foot down though ;-)
Bob Millar

OK I'm worried. I only manage about 250-300. Should I get something checked? or is it just my right foot?

Around town about 275-325

Motorway runs 325-375

Ho hum !!



Again, Richard whats your car/engine??? but even so this seems a little low, unless you are hammering it!!
G A Glasgow

1800, VVC, K&N, Phoenix, F,

Regularly get over 400 - I do a lot of motorway miles. Best I got was 480 when I was running it in - but it needed over 53 litres to fill it!

Steve TF135

So 480 miles is the record?
so I wasnt going mad, a tank usually lasts only about 350ish miles (but I have very heavy feet
and I love the noise the car makes full chat
Dartford tunnel?...fantastic)

its at 448 now but just gone into the red

2873 miles.
About eight tankfuls.

Cannonball Bob

Always fill up at 300. Often sooner.
Have managed 350 a few times, but rare.

Aside: Only managed 119 miles on one tank in my Mini at the recent track day!!! Wow! That worked out at 8.7mpg I think. Don't you just love superchargers!! :o)
Paul Nothard

Scrub my 250-300. Just found out that it is a 55 L tank. The most I've ever put in was about 45L, normally 40L. Feeling much happier now, :-)

55ltr tank, superb, that means I had another 5 in on the 450 run. wow, might have got near the 500 mark, never mind.

Only about 300miles and I regularly put in 50 litres!

Mind you I do like to put my toe down to hear the K&N and all is central London driving.

1.8MPi with K&N
Billy Bob

i usually get 380 to 400. was worried last week cos fuel needle seemed to drop quick! got to safeways and put 50.5l in! very close!

old f vvc 400miles, tf 1.8i 380-400
s shorey

Don't much care,methinks you're driving the wrong car!!!!!!!!!
p withington

Never more than 450 KILOMETERS (ususally in city and local roads, rarely highway). Far, far away from the best.

Maybe my right foot is too much heavy and it press too much the pedal?

When I had my F.

VVC + K&N + Trevor Taylor exhaust + 8.5mm performance leads + KH spoiler + etc.

Maximum = 630km on motorway and rural driving
Minimum = 430km in city traffic.

My new Mitsubishi Airtrek Turbo-R

Maximum = 420km on motorway
Average = 360km
Minimum = don't even wanna think about it. (probably about 200-250km if I push it)

I miss my F's fuel economy the most!!!
Hanah Kim

I've not put a drop in either of my cars for 3.5 months, but then they are 10k miles away. :-(

Crikey that's where one of the TT exhausts went!

was it fitted with a cat bypass too?

Hi Neil,

TT exhaust is awesome .... thanks to Rob Bell, I got it in NZ. I had catbypass as well, SOUNDED awesome real loud tho... so I had to get the CAT on.
Hanah Kim

Good to see that you're still around Hanah. :o) How's the studies going? Met Dennis on Saturday - he's over from New Zealand on a European tour with his family! :o)

Yimmy and I must make it over there some time soon...
Rob Bell

Rob! Hello!! Long time no see.

How are you? :-)

Is Dennis over there?? Man... I emailed him before, but he was in Malaysia... wicked.

Rob you should definately come over... it's a beautiful place... you can visit Auckland (me) / Wellington (Dennis) / and South Island...

I am on my holiday, going to hospitals next year... my clinical year begins! Finally..

Good to see you again Rob. (as in ... on the net)
Hanah Kim

Hey Guys I get about 550 plus km both high way and city and I have a lead foot must be the sunshine here that improves fuel consumption
M L Dippenaar

ML - most of the post are talking MILES you are talking KMs - 550 KM = 330 Miles (approx).

I get about 280 per tank in London but about 380 per tank out of town. My new aquired Peugeot 406 Diesel Estate gives 600 per tank:-) BUT it cost over 50 squids to fill it:-(

Ted Newman

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