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MG MGF Technical - How to clean headlamps ?

I'm wondering what I should use to clean the headlamps on my TF. I guess the outer clear lens is made of some sort of hard plastic (or is it glass?). I was thinking about using Greygate Plastic Polish. I guess that won't do any harm, even if the lens turns out to be made of glass?

Any views on this would be welcome!


Per, the outer cover on the TF headlamp is plastic. I'd think that greygate should do a reasonable job of cleaning it?

What do other TF owners use? I'd have thought that normal car shampoo and polish (Autoglym SuperResin is good on transparant plastic too) would be adequate?
Rob Bell

Outer cover is made from polycarbonate, and will be sensitive to scratches, causing possible loss of impact performance. Note that scratches are different to actual stone impact, for example. Although polycarbonate is VERY stronge, it can be easily broken once the surface is "notched".
Therefore avoid any form of abrasive type of cleaner. I use Autoglym Fast Glass which is entirely liquid, and contains no abrasive compounds -but the best thing is good quality car shampoo, and lots of water to get the lamp cover clean. Follow up with the Autoglym for final polish
Blue Max

I agree entirely with Blue Max! FWIW, I use Autoglym Fast Glass for both headlamps and door mirrors.

Mike H
Mike Hall

I'll ask the wife tonight. She'll know what she uses.

This thread was discussed on 16/09/2004

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