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MG MGF Technical - HRW switch and relay

Mk 1 same as Mk 2?
how easy to fit?
how much?
any alternative switches ?

The switch & relay kit is different on the MkI and MkII MGF. I beleive it is different again on the TF.

Brown and Gammons sell the kits for about 19 plus P&P:

I have literally just come in the door from fitting the kit to my 2000 (Mk2) MGF. The switch is relatively straight forward:
1. Remove panel from left of console in passenger footwell
2. Reach round to the back of the switches and push out the blank on the left of the rear fog lights switch (2nd smaller switch from the left)
3. Diconnect the interface holding the wires from back of the blank - there's a push-catch which holds them in
4. Connect the switch to interface holding the wires

The relay requires some fairly nimble fingers...
1. On the cover at the bottom of the steering wheel, turn the 2 'screws' through 90 degrees to allow the cover to flap down and reveal the fuse box
2. Insert the relay with appropriate amounts of swearing into the bottom-right of the board (it'll probably be the only available relay socket)

Then connect the HRW loom, usually found underneath the carpet/sound deadneing material on the parcel shelf behind the passenger seat, to the connection on the hard top and you're ready for clear views out the back all winter!!

Hope that helps!
Ian Matheson

Thing to remember is the HRW will only work with the ENGINE RUNNING. With it switched on, bit of heavy breathing on the glass will tell you if it's working.
David Clelland

This thread was discussed on 17/11/2004

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