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MG MGF Technical - HT Leads again....

Problems starting the F again after just 1 year replacing the leads with the standard f type.

I suspect they need replacing again but I will try a different manufacturer. Can anyone suggest a superior set and a supplier?

kind thanks in advance,


magnecor make good leads. ive had them on my 220 turbo for the past 2 years no problems.

Drew Spalding

Magnecor are recognised as a good type, as already mentioned by Drew. Check the spark plugs and gaps (set to minimum gap of 0.8mm). Check also distbutor cap if yours is not a VVC. My VVC is running well on its original leads from 96.

Bruce Caldwell

Another endorsement for Magnecor Bryan - I've gone through several sets of standard HT leads on my VVC over the years, but so far the Magnecor ones are doing fine.


Another vote for magnecor leads - get the blue (8mm) leads as these perform very well, and fit reasonably well through the standard rubber cable guides in the cam-cover :o)

Also agree with Bruce - check the condition of the spark plugs - and their gaps, and change the dizzy cap and rotor if you've got a 1.8i and they're still original.
Rob Bell

i have the Mags as well, reassuringly expensive, oops i sound like a lager add, got mine from B&Gammon's 8mm high performance 1.8i item code bgf 752 49.95. vvc bgf 753 54.95 tele no 01462 490049 Dave T6 DCM.
DC Morris

Same here, Got mine from Mike Satur...

Just remember VVC leads are different to MPi leads!
tim woolcott

Same here, got a red Magnecore 8.5mm from B&G. I also had starting problems, which was rectified by 'new plugs / new coolant sensor / and HT leads'. I don't know which one exactly solved the problem, but have been problem free for last 2 years.

Never missed a single beat since.
Hanah Kim

Cheers everyone, mags is it then.
I'll give Mike a call.

kind regards,


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