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MG MGF Technical - HUH? my VVC took steriods?!

Well guys, the soap goes on, but this time it's a special edition!
Since yesterday evening my VVC changed its behavior quite radically. What happens?
Very simple: it sounds louder (in a tunnel around the rpm right before it kicks in (3500-4000), it sounds waaaaay too loud, not just exhaust but engine itself also), no big deal, but what is actually funny is it accelerates after 4000rpm much faster than it used to, it really gives me a turbo-alike feeling.

Now I don't quite like this, since there is def again something going wrong, my VVC was already very speedy (I beat my bro's MPi all the time, even Golf VR6 could be followed without a prob), but now the rpm needle goes really way too fast past the 4000rpm mark, and it's not just the speedo, you actually feel the car kicks in all of a sudden.

Could this be because I refilled her the day before yesterday with an almost empty tank? It was at Texaco, 95 euro as usual. Perhaps it contained nitro? ;)
Does ignition gets too much advanced? Some backpressure fallen away? Or just VVC gettin' in shape? (I doubt that one!)
btw, the engine just passed the 32.000km mark.

Perhaps you have taken the hand brake off?


Tut, Tut



Maybe your VVC unit has never worked properly (loose electrical connection) and 'suddenly' the connection has been made. Don't forget the VVC unit also doesn't start working until the oil has reached a certain temperature - and this is (I assume) measured independently from the gauge....

Could also be that it's colder now and the engine is therefore getting more cold, dense air.

Or something in the exhaust has 'unblocked'.

Maybe this is one for Roger to comment on.....

N837 OGF

Has your air filter fallen off?

Did 'Turbo Technics' come round during the night while you were asleep?

Seriously though, I would tend to agree with either cold air (mine is always more sporty on crisp cold days), or vvc connections.


Big hole in Exhaust system somewhere? Broken down pipe maybe.
Tony Smith

Cold air and exhaust leak would appear to be the two most obvious suggestions. Do you have differences between fuel supplied in summer to winter? Winter mixes here are (used to be?) more volatile and could produce more power.

Roger Parker

Could be the exhaust as I've just noticed that the exhaust on my MPi sounds like it's blowing a little. Only problem is I'm not looking forward to getting it fixed as I'm sure she's quicker since the problem started!

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