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MG MGF Technical - Hunting

MGF VVC 1997 still very quick runs well but dose not like running slow in traffic or when cruising at a constant speeds starts to hunt any sugestions please.
Derek Ward

>starts to hunt

Errm, I think you mean the engine suddenly revs high and gets down to normal very slow ?
(No worries, my english skills aren't better than yours) ;)

Anyway, could be either a problem with bad electric connections to any sensors (i.e. Coolant Temperature Sensor) or any sensor itself.
Gives some ideas about these Sensors.

Thanks Dieter for the input but I don't think that is the answer but I will check it out. Recent problem while driving yesterday changed down a gear and engine lost reves and cut out re started when clutch re engaged with no further trouble? I have a K&N air filter and a Mike Satur Datona exhaust system (both recommended additions)fitted now for four years so I can not see them causing trouble but idle speed is a little erratic drops revs rather than gaining but not dramatically.
derek ward

Idle air control valve?
Brian Highe


IACV has no influence while driving.

Anyway, it's a VVC. If there's nothing wrong with electric connections or sensors, then may be anything with the VVC. (I've no experiance with that)

Hi! Derek

Experiencing the same sort of problem. My mechanic thinks it is the K & N filter on my car that is
clamped with a jubilee clip to the throttle body and
the tightness might be causing the "butterfly" not
to spin round.

Tells me the jubilee clip is not the correct clamp,
but I am sure K & N supplied it originally. Trying to make enquiries before deciding to spending 100
plus on a new throttle body plus fitting.

Regards - Bill
W.A. Pearson

that's true with the jubilee clip if it's tightend to much.
There's never been another clamp. The only problem is the *power* in the hand of the craftsman and the lack of the ability to reading the instructions supplied by K&N

Bill hi thanks for the information but i tried that two years ago. When I left UK July three years ago from Northampton incidentally to come to Spain I was having sticking throttle problems no one seemed to know of this problem then and I discovered it only happened in the heat of the summer (winter no problems). I think as Dieter said the clips were supplied but no one knew of the plastic throttle body problem at that time although I have stopped that problem by messing around with the throttle body and it seems now very free although we are only just starting to get cold here. Brian again thanks for the input and I will check that out. Regards Derek
Derek Ward

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