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MG MGF Technical - Hydragas Adjustment

my VVC is currently lowered to 335 (yes a bit too low I know!).
I want to raise the ride height back up to around 350 - but how do I do this?
Does this have to be done by a Rover dealer or can I do it myself or at some other garage?
Jason Harris

Hi Jason,

unless your name is Dieter ( :) ) you have to go to a Rover garage because a special pump and Hydragas fluid is needed to raise your ride height again. Mine is at 335mm as well and I'll get it sorted next week because it's awfully harsh and there is much too little suspension travel so I even think that on bad roads it could actually weaken the body and its structural rigidity on the long term. So get it pumped up again or, if you can't do without the great looks of a low-riding F anymore, get a short knuckle kit fitted.


Nikolaj, Jason,

it isnn't only me who can do it alone.
The idea came from Carl, our techy expert in Sweden. Hi Carl :-))

For UK-friends:
See the thread
'Calling Tim Sanders regarding hydragas pump'
Depending on your location he can probabbly pump it up for a competativ small charge with his purchased simple pump.


Thanks for the advice - I agree that at 335 the ride is just too harsh, it makes my girlfriend feel ill!
Interesting that both Nikolaj and Dieter replied - I am bringing my VVC over to Munchen Gladbach next month for a friend's wedding using wedding cars tunbridge wells - glad to see I won't be the only modified MGF in Germany.
Jason Harris

Here in the UK there are hundreds if not thousands of garages, from one man bands, through to major chains like some of the tyre places that have a Hydrolastic pump. Quite whether you trust some of these is another subject, but there will be many long standing very reputable garages who are more than capable of raising the car.

Doing the job is in principle the same as any Metro, but with the F there is a greater degree of sensitivity to change so a few extra rules should be followed.

These are to give the car a rest period where it is stood after being driven to the place of work. 2 hours as a minimum is advised.

The two access valves are located under the plastic trim cover in the front compartment between the spare wheel and bulkhead. The front and rear are interconnected so there are just two.

ensure that the measurment is taken between the centre of the front wheel/hub and the underside of the wheel arch directly above the wheel centre.

Following the reset take the car for a drive and allow it to rest again. Recheck the height and don't be too surprised to find a higher ride height. Let the car settle over a few days whilst monitoring the height. Adjsut further as required.

The average cost for a pump up around here would be about 10 plus vat. However this would be for a Metro, arriving in an MGF may add a premium as the car is in a different league!!!

Roger Parker

Jason, see our masters voice above !! :))

> Nikolaj and Dieter replied...
We know us from our german webboard and live both quite near of Moenchen Gladbach. (the famous Jansen workshop place of MGF lowerings at )

Leave out the wedding party, you'll only add weight. *g* and meet up some F-ers here.
Or shall we built an MGF gallery at the wedding celebration place ?

Have a good time

Hi Jason,
just an idea: If you are in Moenchen Gladbach anyway next month you might even consider getting your F lowerded by "famous Jansen". Because of the currently strong British pound it might be cheaper than in the UK. The price should be around 260 quid all inclusive. I think it's worth comparing this to the prices in GB.

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