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MG MGF Technical - I A C V ( again)

OK,today's daft question.Over the last 6 months or so our VVC has " revved-up" on tick-over, twice. I resequenced it on both occasions and it settled down.I know about the IACV and stepper-motor but don't really want to have to go down the road of lifting the hood/engine covers etc to fish out and clean the valve.Not done this before and it's not only the fear of the unknown( in case it isn't the IACV after all),but the car is in the garage for the winter and space is a bit restricted to start playing around.Question is,could it just need a blast to clear out the problem.Car is '97 and done 65k.I drive very conservatively not using the acceleration much and tend to stick at 3k revs/say 70 mph.Only rarely do I give it a blast.If I did and gave it an " Italian tune-up" for a few miles could this clear out the IACV and the guts generally such that I don't have to resort to taking the valve out for cleaning?

If it isn't this what else could cause sudden arise in tickover? I would be surprised if it actually was the IACV because when the car got it's 60k service I disembowelled the fuel filter,checked the air filter and plugs and they were all very clean and in excellent condition so I do just wonder if I could be wasting my time with getting the IACV out for a clean.

Any help appreciated.Please be gentle and don't frighten me.
M Blencowe

Jn my experience the car needs a good thrashing occasionally (a bit of 6-7000 rpm) to improve it's overall performance. Mine is mostly used as a second shopping car and club social run participant so responds to a good blow-out occasionally, (VVC 170,000 KMS]
a mackew

1) Start the engine and warm up to a normal working temperature.
2) Turn off the ignition.
3) Turn on ignition to stage II (with electric window available but don't start the engine).
4) Press the accelerator all the way down and fully release five times repeatedly.
5) Wait for at least 15 seconds and then turn off the ignition.

And yes,as mentioned by our Australian friend, give it some stick!

Hope this is of help.

Tony '99VVC
Tony Harrison

Thanks for that.I think I might wait on stripping MY IACV but get a scabby one from a scrappy to practise pulling apart if a sound thrashing next April ( when she's back on the road)doesn't do the job.Tony,where are you based?
M Blencowe

I live in Hawarden close to Queensferry, where are you?

Tony Harrison

Corwen,out on the Berwyns
M Blencowe

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