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MG MGF Technical - I can't start my car

I've worked on the car this afternoon (all doors open for 2 hours, trying to sort out the problem of my window).
Now I have a problem when it comes to go back to the garage :
I turn the key to the first position, all lights come 'on' on the dashbaord and turn off normaly. I can hear the "buzz" of the fuel pump (I think) from behind but slower than usually.
When I turn the key to start the car, all I get is a "click-click-click" and lights flashing on the dashboard until I stop. My driver' window comes up very slowly (just as has been doing the passenger's since I got the car)
I've checked the battery, it says 11.2V. Is it dead ?
I've heard about ground problems? Could this be related (I can't get FM from my radio and have problem when it comes to raising the passenger's window)

you have flattened the battery, try jump starting the car.
Will Munns

I bought and fitted a new battery this morning.
Car started at first time.
I think it's worth I check any current drain and check the ground connectivity. Does anybody know where the ground wires are connected to the body?

I'll have a electric circuit test too (alternator etc)

FYI I bought BOSCH SILVER 6CN 12V 62Ah 480A (was a BOSCH SILVER 5-something 420A before)

This thread was discussed between 27/04/2006 and 28/04/2006

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