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MG MGF Technical - I haven't the foggyest!!!!

Ladies and Gents,

a little bit of help is needed please, my TF has front fog lamps, on Wednesday morning it was foggy ah! me thinks I will switch on my fog lamps (for the first time - its an 02 plate) guess what? Nothing!

The light on the switch does not work and there is no power going to the fuse. Can someone please give me a starting point that I can chase back to.

N S Williams


Simplisticly, start at the battery.

Sensibly, can you get a line from the battery that is known to have power and connect to the fuse and see what happens?

Really silly question - do the fogs have a relay and is it fitted?
John Ponting


The fog lights are controlled by a relay. It sounds like this may be gone but you say no power to the fuse ? Is this the fuse in the box under the dash ?

The fog lights take a feed to the relay from the lighing circuit, so fog lights only come on if lights on. This is the low current side as this then operates the relay, and the light on the switch. The relay when on allows the power to come from battery to fuse under dash to relay, from relay to the lights.

The relay in the TF is not one of the small green ones but a large one on its own uder the dash behind or beside the fuse panel.

So you need to check both circuits
a) the relay feed controlled via the switch and
b) the relay switch that feeds the lights.

So find relay and check if power going to relay, and check if you connect 12volts to the lights from the relay that it works.

So could be relay or lights themselves, applying 12 volts to the relay socket feed to the lights will check if lights work. hen check the relay switch socket has 12 volts feed for the lights, this will check if the power to the relay switch works.

Check the other 2 pins for the relay operation, which operates the switch, and should operate when lights on and fog light switch on.

Hope this helps



thanks for your words, sounds like I will have to look into the relay then - I will let you know if things get better fingers crossed

N S Williams

Worth checking they are actually wired up.

I bought foglamps and a switch for my first TF thinking the loom would be in place - but it wasn't.

I never got round to sourcing the loom and ended up with fitted but inoperable fog lamps :-)

It's not silver VX02... TF135 is it Neil?

John Thomas

The loom costs over 100 EUR (65), and to my knowlegde is not fitted to any TF that hasn't the fogs...
The switch must be bought apart too.

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