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MG MGF Technical - I need help, where can I find a front bumper?

My '97 MGF had a crash last week and I need to replace the front bumper.
It seems that in Italy there are no front bumpers available and some people have been waiting up to two months so far but couldn't get nothing.
Do you know of any dealer or reseller in UK or (better) in continental Europe that sells this kind of spare parts?
I don't think so, but is it possible to fit an mgtf front bumper on an MGF (maybe changing both headlamps)?
I will appreciate any kind of suggestions as I dread the thought of being left for months without my car.
Gian Marco Mazzocchi

Mike Satur has some second hand Bumpers email They will need painting to match the colour of your car, I think they are 95 plus VAT + PnP


Free Plug Mike, extra discount required for Boxer Hoops now.


>>is it possible to fit an MGTF front bumper on an MGF (maybe changing both headlamps)?

Yes, there is a German F with this - cue Dieter with pic. I believe he got the parts from the UK though. TechSpeed's Roy Forde knows this car and the driver. Roy may be able to help you source the parts if you want to try this route.


Chris thanks for the plug, Gian, we also have TF fronts and lamps in stock if you fancy a'new'look,

There you go Gian, Mike has the bits, so no excuse now ;-)



Mike, how much would it be a Mk I front bumper including VAT and shipping to Italy?
And what about a TF front bumper with two headlamps?
Gian Marco
Gian Marco Mazzocchi


Check also with Anglo-Parts... they are even located in Italy:

Anglo-Parts S.R.L.
V.lo S. Antonino C/4
I-31100 Treviso
Tel.: 0422 321 500
Fax: 0422 321 470

BTW, is it confirmed that bumper and headlights of the TF can be easily swapped to the F ?

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