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MG MGF Technical - Ice on inside of windscreen

Anyone know of any measures to prevent the INSIDE of the windscreen icing-up on v cold days, as happened this morning? For the last month have been using Rain-X antifog on the inside which gets rid of morning condensation, but maybe this is causing the icing-up...

Bad enough having to de-ice the outside without having to do the inside aswell. Checking the archives it appears the MS SUNMATE would be a good buy.

many thanks

ps has anyone used Rain-X on the rear-screen plastic window?
Paul Bevan

The prevention is to reduce the moisture in the car, this is a seasonal thread, and last year someone found a co selling silica(?) bags which he kept on the parcel shelf to remove moisture.
Will Munns

Or a hairdryier on an extension lead for 10 minutes - tosty warm ;-)
Will Munns

thank you Will, never had this problem with my '75 1500 midget a few years back - will put it down as an ironic effect of global warming ;)
Paul Bevan

The F holds moisture better than the midget, largely due the huge thick sound deadening fluff.
Will Munns

Oh, and it has less in the way of thru drafts ;-)

(midget in holes)
Will Munns

Ice on the window screen, such bliss ;-)

home in 6 weeks


Sounds like you have a water leak to get so much condensation on the inside.

Have a feel of the carpets specially the sound proofing in the foot wells. I used to have mega condensation until I cured the water leaks.


Tom Randell @ Work

'twas I that bought the gel bags last year. To be honest my car is kept in a garage and doesn't do too many miles during the winter so I'm not sure how effective they are. Remember to ask for Silica Gel and not Silicon Gel - they are used for something completely different :-)
David Clelland

Go on remind us of the supplier 8-)
Will Munns

I Use the MS Sunmate and also the 'open window' method.

By Opening the Windows and turning off the heat a minute or so before you stop and park your car for the night you will 'eject' all the hot air from inside the car. Hot/warm air naturally holds more water, which as the air cools overnight condenses out onto the inside of your windows, sometimes freezing.
Therefore if you park up with a cold air in your car it should contain less water.( I think )
As the air cools it reaches the dewpoint temperature and condensation is formed from the water in the air.
(this is also why dew appears on your lawn etc. in the morning when the air is cool, as the temperature increases in the morning the water evapourates off into the air)

I still remember a few things I learnt from school!!

It was the self indicating bags that I bought.
David Clelland

A certain member of the CSMGF was speaking to me a few days ago and is on the verge of selling his TF due to this. He mentioned it last winter too saying he was fed up finishing a 12hr nightshift and having to sit a futher 10 minutes in the car park than anyone else waiting for the ice inside his windscreen to melt.

Hes speaking of moving to a Subaru.
D Jamieson


Having ridden a bike and camped in Glen Coe in November I can understand the icing problem. Ice forms inside a tent as well. However, I've not yet seen any ice inside my F in the 21 months I've owned it. I used to get ice inside a B I owned a long time ago and remember using de-icer inside before outside.

And the point of that is ?????
D Jamieson

Tom, footwells are dry as a bone?!? David, thanks for the info - looks dangerous(!) so will try Mike Norwich's suggestion beforehand
Mike Singapore, 100% humidity and no country lanes... soft-top hell :0(
Paul Bevan

This thread was discussed on 27/10/2003

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