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MG MGF Technical - Ign Leads and cap

Ok, its not a problem with the F, but it is a 'K' series!
My rover 200 which I am about to sell is quite hesitent at starting, also if i put my foot down suddenly (at low revs) then the engine hickups and sometimes dies. Am I correct in thinking this is most lightly to be the leads/cap/arm not causing the spark to happen properly?
If so I would like to take the bits from the 'F' (1.8) and put them on the 200, replacing the bits for new on the 'F', If so what should I buy and where from to replace the 'F' bits?


If the 200 hasnt been serviced in a while it will probably be distributor cap and rotor arm that need checking - see if they are worn/burnt on the contacts

May also be plugs - again check for brown lines running down the outer edges and for a clean strong spark - also check electrode and gap!

It could also be other things - so check things rather than buying anything as it can get expensive

ie - could be the fuel mixture is too rich - check air filter

Lots of coulds i am afraid!

these symptoms can be caused by a million different things. The hesitation when pressing the accelerator is frequently cleared up by spraying a suitable cleaner down the throttle body. The difficulty starting could be also solved.
Although the spark plug leads and distributor can cause these symptoms, the problem usually associated with these parts is difficulty starting on damp mornings.

I agree- I'd have a low threshold to replace the ignition leads (pretty cheap) and I'd check the dizzy cap for cracks that may be shorting out the ignition leads.

The car doesn't stall on approaching road junctions does it Will?
Rob Bell

Strangly it did start doing that after it's last MOT (and fuel/emisions adj), but it seems to have worn off.

The hesitation/hickups have been around for a while, but the starting problems have only happened recently (also the car has had no use for about 3 weeks)

This thread was discussed on 04/12/2001

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