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MG MGF Technical - ignition lights flicker, no starter motor

My MGF 1.8i won't start. It has been left unused for 2 weeks and when I try to start it, the ignition lights flicker very fast with a clicking sound, but the starter motor doesn't start. The headlights switch on so I don't suspect a battery, but I could be wrong.
Has anyone any ideas please?
C.J. Hall

Clicking sound is most probably the starter solenoid. The sound takes me back to my father playing with a Standard 9 many years ago.

Put a meter over the battery connections - you need about 14v to get the starter to spin correcly and start the motor. Much below 11v and you will just get a clicky solenoid.

Charge the battery and all should be OK again.

Thanks Sprinter.
I'll check it in the morning.
Chris Hall

I have recently returned from a month away and my *F* had the same problem - recharged battery (which is fairly new) and all is now OK.

Ted Newman

Almost certainly the battery. Sprinter's check procedure will confirm it.
Rob Bell

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