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MG MGF Technical - Illuminated cigar lighter


The other day I decided to illuminate my cigar lighter, following the article in MG World. However, I didn't like the idea of it being on all the time (and I don't own a soldering iron...) so I connected it to the heated rear screen switch instead (the one most to the right on my LHD '97 VVC).

It's actually really easy to do, even though there isn't that much free wire to work with. For those interested, you just have to unplug the wire socket from behing the switch and then cut and reconnect wire number 2 (out of 6 !!), it is red and black.

It's much nicer to have it go on together with all other dashboard lights.


P.S: Luc, I also bought mine at Grand Garage St. Michel and I also soon changed, having realised they were no good. I now go to Rover Ixelles were they are very helpful. Send me your e-mail adress, I would be interested in seing (and hearing) your filter/exhaust combo.

I must get round to this sometime. Instructions also available in the FAQ.

Does anyone know if Rover do the orange plastic bit in green or white? I don't want Orange lights inside my BRG F, only on the outside :-).
Tony Smith

IMO not at Rover.
measure the inner and outer diameter of the plasic ring.
Then look at any car parts supplier or store with cheap car parts for an equal model in your preferred colour. Purchase the whole thing for about 6 or 8 Euro...
A crap car park (Schrottplatz) could be a good source too. :)

>so I connected it to the heated rear screen switch

IMO, a pitty to spoil that switch for just a little light, but that's just a matter of taste.

I am still looking for a good use for that switch (beside the heated rear window of the hardtop). Has anyone used this switch for something else ?


a well known German guy has used it as an electric boot release switch...



You say "IMO, a pitty to spoil that switch for just a little light". There is a misunderstanding there. The switch is still doing what it is supposed to do (i.e. turn on the heated rear screen of the hard top, or whatever else you choose to connect it to). It is just a matter of getting electricity from BEHIND that switch to illuminate the cigar lighter when the dashboard lights are on (through a "T" connection on the red/black wire). No big deal.


Hi Per,

My e-mail address:


P.S.: >>I would be interested in seing (and hearing) your filter/exhaust combo<<
well, just listen carefully in the morning & evening: half of Brussels shaking when a K&N+SP MGF passes by ;-)


OK, now I've got it....


Can anybody explain it to me in more details how tio illuminate it?
Thank you

Fame at last ;-)

I wrote a "how-to" article on my web site at on how to do this modification.

I then cut it down a bit for the MG World article later on.

Hope this helps

Richard Eaton


With all respect (after all, it was through your article in MG World that I learned that there is a light bulb in the cigar lighter...), I maintain that it is easier and nicer to connect it to the red and black wire of the heated rear screen switch.


Or as I found the easiest place was the radio illumination, just pull the radio out of its socket - make the required contacts and replace the radio.

Ted Newman

My radio is not connected to the lights power supply so this is no good for me, the nearest place is the HRW switch so it only lights up when the lights are switched on.

I'm still trying to find a green or white surround to the lighter, so if Mr. MG Dealer is around maybe he can help me. Who makes the part, Lucas?
Tony Smith


I can't believe that Rover would have a different loom for continetal cars - even if you have a different radio there will be an illumination wire there even if your radio does not use it.

Ted Newman

The lighter is made by Squirrel, the orange plastic bit was originally green when Rover first used these, I first came across these lighters on a 1982 Rover SD1 and to my knowledge were fitted to the Following:

Austin Metro,
Rover Metro / Rover 100, (orange)
Montego (green & orange)
Rover SD1
Freight Rover / Leyand Daf / LDV vans
Range Rover
Land Rover Discovery
LTI London Taxi
Metro Cab

I think some Minis, Land Rover Defender, Rover 200 and Rover 400 models may also have used this type of lighter, possably also Rover 600 and 800 but I have no knowlege of these.

My local car acessory stores also stock an identicle looking lighter housing branded by one of the go faster names (can't remeber which).

I have often wondered why the lighter is not illuminated on the f. I don't smoke but it would make plugging in the phone easier at night.

I don't get the comment about the crap car park, your not suggesting nicking one are you? (crap car park one which is unlit and with no security?)

Ted, I'll have a look, sorry cheapo philips radio/cass (no MG logo).
Tony Smith

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