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MG MGF Technical - I'm lovin' it...

Hi all, as predicted, I'm loving my mgtf, however a couple of teccie questions if you dont mind?
Its a non VVC 02 TF, and although it's quick and responsive, it does have a horrible 'flat spot' below 3000 rpm which my previous VVC 'f' didnt have. I have today fitted a 'K & N' air filter, which seems to have made a huge overal improvement(or is it just that lovely roar that is fooling me?). Can someone tell me if the filter kit does genuinely improve performance, and is there a 'quick fix' for this flat spot? Any help really appreciated! Thanks, Russell
R Jupp

The answer to my similar question over on the F Register forum suggests that the filter does little for performance! See

Sorry, can't help with the flat spot.

Chris Brown (M19 CPB)

My TF135 has no flat spots and is actually quite torquey at low revs so maybe something else is wrong. I would have thought any breathing issues would be more apparent at high revs. I think there are some power/torque graphs on Rob Bells site somewhere so you can compare 135s and 145VVCs -

I actually find the 135 feels more powerful than the 160 at low revs, probably due to the different gearbox ratios. By installing the K&N you've removed the airbox and paper filter - if they were very dirty or there was an obstruction this might explain it? Though I would have expected you to have been down on power throughout the range, probably worse at the top end!

Tim Jenner

Fitting a K&N to a 160 is a backward step when it comes to power but if you like the sound then keep it!

Just to pick up on what Tim has said the 135 & 160 have exactly the same gear ratios unlike the VVC and MPi F's.

I do feel the 135 has a better engine below 4000rpm then the 160, but going back to R Jupp original question has the car had its big (cambelt) service yet with a change of spark plugs and fuel filter? If not then I would do this and change the two spark plug leads and see if this helps.
C Tideswell

Ok, just to clarify its a 135 non VVC, and its booked in for an oil and filter, plugs and fuel filter service in the next couple of does have a hideous flat spot though, so I'm hoping that someone will be able to help?!! Imagine...engine is at normal temp, and idling properly, blip the throttle to the floor and release...before roaring to 5000 rpm, the engine seems to have a millisecond (or several milliseconds) where it does nothing, also it seems to take age to return to idling speed, which is embarassing when driving, as you have to shut the throttle well before changing gear. Its rather like learning a new driving style! Is this normal?
Thanks, Russell
R Jupp

Doesn't sound right, you can't hold an idle between 900 and 1500rpm as the system won't let you but apart from this it should be very responsive to any throttle inputs.

Thanks Tony, but what do you mean by "you can't hold an idle between 900 and 1500rpm as the system won't let you"...sorry if I seem a bit dim!!
R Jupp

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