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MG MGF Technical - Immobilised for over an hour!

Returning from a trip to Brussels yesterday I walked back to my car in the NCP car park where it had been parked for the day.

Pressed the Unlock button on the handset but nothing happened. Continued to try this for a few moments with no luck, so used the key to unlock the doors. When inside I then pressed the button again to turn off the immobiliser - no luck.

Got out the mannual and followed the process to resyncronise the handset but this didn't work. Carried on trying various combinations of locking the doors; unlocking doors; pressing buttons - but I was stuck!

I do not have the emergency access code for the car as it was bought secong hand and the previous owner had lost this - can MG Rover supply this to me?

My only option was to call Green Flag to be rescued - but their ETA was 2 hours! Not great seeing as I was a lone female far from home!
As I waited for them to arrive I continued to press the unlock button to try to turn the immobiliser off. Then after 30 mins it worked! I cancelled Gren Flag and drove home at last.
When at home I pressed the lock button but it didn't work. Was reluctant to use the key as this automatically sets the immobiliser and I didn't want to be stuck again, so left it unlocked in a locked garage (my car does not automatically immobilise if left - I think this is because it is an import).

Sorry for the epic tale, but I wondered if anyone can offer any advice to stop this happening again.
I am going to replace the battery in the handset incase this was the problem, but it had shown no signs of this before.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Heidi Tipping

I have occasionally had similar experiences with my F - it is also an improt and so operates on ss different alarm frequency then UK models. I find that it happens in a few of places, one is near a military base, the other near a major policestation - I think it is caused by the frequency being "blocked". This may not be the case with you if the problem persisted when you got home.
By the way A Rover dealer can tell you the unlock code using Testbook.
Jason H
Jason H

Heidi...your MGR dealer can get the access code from their web based link to MGR...they should do this for you foc...!! Beware you don't get the 'add one to the third digit' version.....good luck!!

>>Jason H, Somerset
I have occasionally had similar experiences... I find that it happens in a few of places, one is near a military base, the other near a major policestation

Well I never, the last time my car had difficulty unlocking was when it was parked opposite the Police station in Abingdon - its never happened since (touches head) - wont be going back to that pub!
Gary Sone

I had a problem where I could not use the key fob to unlock the car, I changed the battery which made no difference so ended up using the spare key fob with no problems at all.
However the original key fob does work but not all the time so only have it as a spare.

If you are having problems with the immobilser and you manage to get the 4 digit security code this de- activates the immobiliser until you use the key fob to lock the car so you can lock the car using the keys.

Tom Randell

I find that holding the blipper just under the tip of your chin increases the signal many times over. I know it sounds stupid but it works! Also stand at the rear left of the car or failing that place the blipper at the top of the screen in the middle. I have been stuck on many occasions and had to resort to the key code to get the immobiliser to switch off.

Holding the blipper to your metal rimmed glasses also works.

Bruce Caldwell

The dealer should replace the blipper battery as part of the yearly service. Code is available as mentioned above from their database, but check it out when you get it as Loz says above, the code may need amending to work - this has been detailed on this BBS in the past i.e adding a "1" to the third digit etc. Anyone remember the exact changes??


mine was "add 1 to 3rd digit"....but I recall other combinations....someone even a "10" digit....hence 5 numbers!!!!! bizarre...loads of stuff in the archives...

The dealer in Bristol wanted to charge me for obtaining my key code - though would confirm what I thought it was FOC.
Can anyone explain the secret to using it though as we have tried over and over (manual in hand) but cannot get it to work...
B O'Mahony

Heidi, it's probably a moot point now but did you happen to notice whether the alarm LED (the red light on the instrument panel between the the speedo and tacho) was pulsing? Have you had any further problems with your immobiliser? The reason that I ask these questions is because it may (stress may) be symptomatic of a faulty alarm ECU. I've just gone through this little gem of a problem. My first suggestion, is to visit your dealer and have them not only provide you with the 4 digit code, but also, have them test your car to ensure that the alarm ECU and central door locking system is working correctly. If you haven't already, acquaint yourself with the emergency immobiliser override procedure after you get your 4 digit code.


Cheers for everyone's comments!

The car seems to be fine now. I was parked near Heathrow airport using airport transfers tunbridge wells, so maybe there is a link with what Jason H said!

Going to the local dealer today to get the code and to demo how it is used, so if it does happen again I can hopefully sort it out myself.

Phil - yes the light was flashing as normal and haven't had any problems before or since.
The car is due for a service this month, so I'll get them to double check the alarm and immobiliser system then.

Heidi Tipping

Ask them to replace the batteries in the hand-set as well. If I recall my service schedule correctly, this isn't a 'standard' item to get done yearly. I'd get yours replaced more frequently as you don't have a back-up if the main unit goes flat.


Hi Heidi

Had a few problems with one of my blippers when I first got the car ... did a write up which you can find in the FAQ section on

Stefan Gibney

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