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MG MGF Technical - Imobilized ?

mgtf160 (52) wont start - probably an imobilizer problem (happened before but cured almost instantly!). Left it for 4hours+, tried various combinations of locking / unlocking etc - but no joy this time. Imobilizer light flashing on dash so could be HT leads etc?
Funnily enough when it has started recently it has sounded bit rough and on occasions needed second start - not the symptoms of the dreaded HGF I hope??? :o( Coolent level OK and no white smoke or deposits on dip stick... So maybe just an imobilizer problem - any suggestions ?
Pete Young

If the engine is immobilised, then it will not turn over.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

>If the engine is immobilised, then it will not turn over.

And that's great, isn't it ? :)
Anyway, Pete, you need to put the grey blipper part near to the ignition lock. The transponder below the lock ring inside needs the blipper to deactivate the immobiliser.
Did you ?

I'm not sure when the oval "blipper" was introduced on the TF. That's the kind that I have on my ZR and sometimes if I have it in the palm of my hand it shields the signal - let it hang free when you turn the key. Never have this problem with the old square one on the F.
David Clelland

I'd try changing the battery in the fob too. If its on the way out the transponder wont disable the immobiliser.
Steve White

<so could be HT leads etc> suggests that the engine is turning over hence <will not start> is not due to the immobiliser.
So Pete, what is happening ??
Presuming the TF has the same 'Door Key Code' as the F, then have you tried it ??
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Update! Hm-good news! Obviously (only) an imobilizer issue as started first time early this morning (without splutter!) Followed your advice Dave on key fob positions and will replace battery ASAP. Also must obtain key code from (remains of)my local dealer!

Thanks for all of your rapid responses - seems the MG imobilizer is centre of many ignition problems - dont get these problems when I use the MGB (any key appears to start that!?!)

Fingers crossed for my return journey tonight!

Are you sure it's the immobiliser? It sounds very like a problem I had recently with the car not starting intermittently. I could get it going again by tapping the starter motor with a hammer, but eventually asked my local garage to look at it. They found that the electrical contacts at the starter solenoid had corroded, and repaired them. It's started first time with no problems since...

Ian Matheson

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