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MG MGF Technical - Increased cooling to prevent HGF?

I was talking to a chap today whose son works for Rover 'powertrains' (engines). Interestingly his father has an F and has had a recent HGF. He said his son said that Rover knew all about the HGFs in MGF and it was down to inadequate cooling of the engine. It was cheaper for them to contribute to HGFs and even new engines than modify the installation.

This made me think it would be worthwhile to install the twin tubes of the 57i kit (or something similar, fixed by Tom Randalls bracket) regardless of whether you have the K&N or not. As Luc says, it would 'de-stress' the cooling system. An alternative would be an air scoop similar to what Andy has mentioned in a recent post.

Should we all be doing this to guard against HGF (but doesn't work when static)?...or should we be uprating the fan (works when static).

Hi all,

As so many of us has the KN/Pipercross / Whatever filter instead of original air cleaner element my suggestion is to get rid of the whole air intake resonator box ! In doing so there will be a hughe opening that let in cool air . OK, some more road dirt will find itīs way into lower part of engine bay but that is only a sign of lotīs of air entering from below. Pauls suggestion to fit extra tubes will work neatly in that space ! With some "force" the whole resonator box can be taken away easily downwards when car is on jack and left rear wheel off. Also left side intake is now more unrestricted .As I have a spare left side air intake I am currently experimenting with a clear Makrolon "add on " scoope fitted to original side air intake.This will give a ram effect at speed and increase amount of air into engine compartment. As soon as we have decent weather again engine compartment temperature measurements will be made with and without scoope.

Regards , Carl.

Hi Carl,

so a add on to your existing filterbox ?

I also would like to repeat the hint on this site :)

Isn't the oiltemp decrease still a term to think on ?

- today nearly 6300 revs in 5th gear (down hill with closed roof)-
(oil temp indicator vertical at 17°C outside temp.)

This thread was discussed on 31/05/2000

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