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MG MGF Technical - induction filter and funny noise

just had a cone type induction filter fitted to my F, when i first start up, i now get a sort of hissing noise, is this normal? after a minute or 2 the hissing goes away, and the induction grunt appears, along with the smiles, just this nagging doubt??
Colin Ashworth

Anybody know if the locking wheel nut keys all have the same tooth pattern? I have a puncture but stripped the two little teeth off the key!!! Also kwik-fit have just told me I should only run "Goodyear 6 rib", tyres. Is this correct as I have been running Toyo Proxes for years now?


Sorry Colin,
Supposed to start a new thread bit I was still in yours, DOH!!!

Colin - I've got a K&N 57i and yes, it hisses much more noticably at cold start up than later. Hopefully, then, it's normal! :)

Graham - Think the wheel nuts are all the same.

Tim Jenner

thanks Tim, and Graham, no problem, it kept me near the top of the threads ;)
Colin Ashworth


The locking wheel nut socket is stamped with a number so I can only assume that there are different ones. With regard to tyres, like you I've been running Toyos now for over a year and find them really good. Lots of talk recently about Goodyear tyres. It seems that it's difficult to get F1 SO2s in certain sizes and you can no longer get NCT3s. So the question is, since these are the only two approved Goodyear tyres what are you supposed to buy?
David Clelland

This thread was discussed between 13/03/2004 and 14/03/2004

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