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MG MGF Technical - Induction Kit Insurance Implications?

Iíve followed the technical and performance arguments re the various induction kits with interest and had pretty much settled on the ITG Maxogen.

Then it occurred to something offering this much performance benefit would probably invalidate insurance.

I thought Iíd come for some friendly advice before I spoke to my insurance company. Did I also remember from a previous thread that someone said they were not charged extra when they admitted to a K & N?

How about the 820 airbox mod, at least that may look a bit more standard?

Is the ITG glaringly ďaftermarketĒ in situ?

Thanks in advance etc.

Russ Mellor

Russ, I was quoted a 50 increase in premium for the remaining 7 months of my policy for a K&N 57i kit, which to my understanding doesn't have a particularly spectacular effect on performance. If I get it fitted I'll do it close to renewal time and shop around first to find an underwriter who doesn't load the premium.
Paul Bevan

Russ I declared my ITG Maxogen and my insurers didn't charge anything extra. In fact, I've declared all the modification on my car (lowered suspension, bigger brakes, roll hoops, etc etc) and haven't been charged for them. I suppose it depends on the company and how they assess the risk.
David Clelland

The K&N 57i kit does have a different performance effect on which version of the F you have. It seems to give more of an increase for the VVC. My insurance firm - Direct Line - allow an increase up to 10% on performance without an increase to premiums - sadly the increase quoted for the VVC and K&N is 10.3% so it did increase the cost.

Insurance firms are definately getting more concerned about any mods and need to know or you can be out of pocket in the unlikely chance you need to make a claim.

Keith Williams

Thanks guys, thatís great advice.

Out of interest Dave who do you insure with, they sound like my type of company?

Also how is the ITG in situ, did you fit it yourself?

It may be that I may delay the mod until I renew my insurance and choose a company with a lenient view towards modifications.

Iím with the AA at present, underwritten by Norwich Union and perhaps Iíll sound them out tomorrow.

Any further thought would be welcome.

Cheers, Russ
Russ Mellor


Zurich are good for light modding; they've not charged me for a plethora of odds'n'ends, including a K&N and uprated discs and pads.

You can always try dressing the induction kit up as an efficiency-increasing device - "I got it because it's supposed to decrease fuel use and it's cleanable rather than disposable, but it happens to add n bhp."

Only effective as long as you can stop yourself from giggling as you say it.



I'm with NIG.

I always write to my insurers and confirm any mods and include a picture where possible. The ITG was sold to them as a more efficient filter and therefore something that would give better mpg particularly on long runs. I told them I was concerned about the stability of the F at motorway speeds and that MGR had themselves recognised this and offered lower and stiffer suspension on the Trophy. I also pointed out to them that larger brakes were fitted to the Trophy and again for safety reasons I wanted to uprate the discs and pads on my own car. Roll hoops again were for safety reasons and so it goes on and on :-)
David Clelland

Here's a pic of the ITG in situ.

It's actually David's car in the photo!
Ian Matheson

Oops, forgot to paste the link!
Ian Matheson

You could try Admiral - they ask about mods as part of the on-line quote process. Tick the box for mods and the pick the ones you got/want. They were the cheapest that I found when I renewed in November.
Ian Matheson

Thanks, for that.

I raided the archives last night where I also found a bunch of stuff on mods and insurance.

The ITG looks the business, my mind is made up, but too inconspicuous not to be above board with the insurance.

So when my renewal is up I'll go down Dave's route and sell it as an efficiency mod.

Thanks again, Russ.
Russ Mellor

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