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MG MGF Technical - Induction kits

Hi Giys,
Im in the market for an cold air induction kit for my MGF. Ive had a look at both the K&N kit and the PiperX Viper kit. Does anyone know of any differences between the two kits apart from the price.


The k&n is not a cold air induction kit.

K&N takes air from the engine bay, Viper or Huricane (from Elise BBS), or Modded Rover 800 airbox all take a cold air feed and so are slightly more powerful.
Will Munns

Yep, Will is right.

Basic principles
Cold air = good, warm/hot air = bad. Cold air is denser, therefore it contains more oxygen.

3 types of aftermarket filter - Panel filter, Cone filter and Induction system.

Panel filter
Replaces standard filter element with a similar design but uses a more efficient filtering medium

Cone filter
Replaces entire standard induction system with a simple efficient cone filer element.

Induction system
Replaces entire standard induction system with a more efficient set up including filter element.

K+N is a hybrid, it is an exposed cone filter, but also has a pair of cold air ducts - sort of an early attempt at an induction system. It is therefore dependant on fast moving cold air from the pipes to prevent it from drawing hot air from the engine bay (heat soak). This means that whilst the K+N performs well when there is ample air coming up the tubes (when the car is fast moving), when the air flow is less (when the car is for instance in an urban situation or stationary) the filter is less effective as it is drawing hot air.

Piper Viper is an enclosed induction system - a cone filter enclosed in a custom air box with a dedicated cold air feed - the filter can only draw air from outside the engine bay and therefore, theoretically at least, should perform better across the rev range.


Piper X do an exposed cone
ITG do an exposed cone
Ramair do an exposed cone

Ramair do a hybrid like the K+N 57i - this is a lot more expensive though

Hurricane is an induction system
Green Cotton Twister is an induction system
Mike Satur's Vader is an induction system
ITG Maxogen is an induction system

Generally, the best value system is regarded to be the K+N 57i, from a s vs bhp perspective.

Hope this helps

Scarlet Fever

And see for Rob's instructions on how to turn the 57i into a full inductor kit. Almost certainly the cheapest bhp per available.

I've not tried this myself yet - I've just got a 57i fitted, and although the slight (to be honest, not that impressive) performance enhancement is nice, the SOUND is what it's all about! Finally my F sounds like it looks...

J Wakeham


"...Almost certainly the cheapest bhp per available"... Not quite, unless anyone know any different, that honour falls to the flowerpot enclosure. Details of this are in the archive.

Christopher Marshall

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