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MG MGF Technical - induction pipe

can anybody tell me how to replace K&N induction pipes as mine were second hand and are knackerd.. is metal ducting ok . it has to fit into a tom randall bracket. thinking about large metal ducting squeezed into an oval instead of two pipes... does any one have any thoughts.p.s had whole new side done at crash repair it looks the dogs new alloys and everything.. well done rainbow.

Alex, a single, large pipe will work fine - the tricky bit is routing it up to the airfilter without crushing it.
Rob Bell

There's justabout room to install flexible air-conditioning type ducting, the sort you can buy at DIY stores. Not sure how you'd brace the upper end though, some ingenuity might be required...
Mike Hankin


I think Halfrauds also sell these for their Pipercross Induction kits, not sure if they are cheap though as they have a shiny anodized bit at one end for show, they may however do a normal pipe on its own, worth checking.


Chavfords do indeed sell induction tubing very similar to the K&N stuff, not cheap (12/m IIRC) but you can presumably buy it cheaper elsewhere.

Incidentally, why is the K&N tubing black on the outside and silvered on the inside? Surely not ideal for "cold" air induction. I wonder if it makes a difference.

With this in mind, when I enclosed my K&N in a montego airbox I retained the original montego black plastic induction pipe to duct air from the side vent. Anyone see a problem with this?
Pete davey

Should be fine Davey :o)
Rob Bell

I brought the k&n of tom randall and he gave me with the kit a support bracket to attach it to the old airbox mount so i think a large pipe might well be an option.. or i might save myself the hassle and keep the standard box on .. does anyone want to swap a 57i kit with brackets for a k&n panel filter???????. many thanks Alex.

This thread was discussed between 16/02/2006 and 17/02/2006

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