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MG MGF Technical - Induction pipes for K&N, can we just put more in the engine bay so engine gets cool?

Hi, I have K&N installed with cold air induction pipes. (2 as in 57i kit)

Since everyone is worrying about HGFs and overheating in the engine bay, why don't we just fit more induction pipes in? Is this impossible? Where can I get some of those pipes?

Please let me know what you guys think about it.

Oh yeah, I've never had my engine bay getting hotter than 95 degrees I think. I was cruising at about 140km/h average and maximum of 180km/h occasionally today, but still stayed steady at 92 degrees.

I see some of you guys out there reaching the 'red area'... how did you guys manage that? Let me know! ;)
Hanah Kim

maximum of 180km/h occasionally today, but still stayed steady at 92 degrees.
>>>>oil temp or engine bay temp???

some of you guys out there reaching the 'red area'... how did you guys manage that? Let me know! ;)
>>>>our temp sensor worked correctly...

My oil temp goes not past 140° even at steady 230kph. Normal operating temp is 115-120° (140-150kph).
Without K&N it hit the red (150°) after 10 mins of 200+ kph... K&N has quite good cooling effect on engine temp. Same goes for cat without pussy inside...With bypass fitted oil was overall about 5-8° less.

why don't they make big oval shaped wide pipes for K&N, instead of small round ones. Oval shaped ones don't stick out so far at bottom, and can be made any size for max upwards air induction. 2 big almost rectangular shaped pipes (about 10" each) should show much lower engine bay temps.

I would agree with Dirk that you should check the guage is working properly.

My car normally operates around 90. but for periods when giving it some it goes upto 120. mine doesn't seem to go higher (or very rarely), but at the same time its a bit tricky to cruise at max speed in the UK. well its not always tricky to do it, its just i like my license.

Does the 1.8i usually run cooler than the VVC?

Hi all, thanks for worrying about my F. (mk1, 1997 VVC)

How do I know if my guage is working properly? Hmm, my normal operating temperature is 90 degrees. It rarely goes higher than 100 mark. (assuming)

Mind you when I mentioned 180km, I meant that I have reached 180km for about 10 seconds or so for overtaking other cars.

Oh yeah, my fans come and go and off when parked after driving. And mind you it's Spring in NZ with about 15 degrees temp.

I don't think there is anything wrong with my guage at the moment. ;)

Oh yeah, what do you guys think about installing more induction pipes in. And where abouts should they be placed?

Hanah Kim

<<I see some of you guys out there reaching the 'red area'... how did you guys manage that? Let me know! ;) >>

Easy, buy a used F with a shot radiator, leaking coolant pipes and knackered brakes.

Sorry, I'm having a sense of humour failure. See "Bending Over" thread on MGF General BB


Hi all,
I donīt think too much air comming into the engine area could give any other problem than a slightly more dusty engine! IMO the real problem is to let hot air out ! Remember that from the very beginning there was no ventilation in the boot-lid exept one outlet where we now have the "third brakelight"... When this was found to be too small the vents in boot-lid was made.
Maybee some clever good-looking extension that increases capacity would keep the heat down ? Or else maybee we have to run the "F" as the old Fiat Abarth. They never had the lid fully closed due to heat problems.

Regards , Carl.


Hanah, your F's temperatures - and fans - sound fine to me. I have never had my oil temp up to half way, let alone in the red, but I too recognise the increasing presence of electronic boxes belonging to the police and this does tend to curb my enthusiasm.

Your K&N pipes are already providing cooler air to the top of the engine bay, and it's not all being sucked in by the filter. I can't see any reason why another one or two shouldn't be fitted, possibly distributed evenly across the engine bay? Well, I've just thought of a reason, there will be more debris sprayed over the engine. What's needed is a coarse foam filter over the inlet end of the pipes to reduce this. I believe that K&N produce foam 'skins' to fit over filters under extreme motor-cross conditions. It should be easy to devise something on these lines to fit over the pipes.

Regards, Kes.

I fitted a fibreglass box to the K&N pipes, and used the green piece of filter from the standard air filter over the intake. Don't know if it makes any difference, but at least it wont do any harm.

What Carl says about hot air extraction is ofcourse spot-on IMO, but I reckon that there may be more one can do to get more cold air in in leu of improved boot lid ventilation.

Here, Rog's purchase of a Toyota MR2 underbody scoop could yield some interesting results. We shall have to wait and see if this good value part imparts a useful result...

Rob Bell

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