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MG MGF Technical - Injectors?

Im thinking of upgrading my standard injectors as im still suffering from fueling problems and a few other niggling bits what injecters would you reccomend?
Rob you know the engine what do you think?
Nick Lewis

What about the injectors from the Trophy/160ps engine?
Steve Ratledge

The injectors on the early cars are actually over-specified for the job (they're larger than on the EU3 compliant TF160 for example!) - so are very suitable for tuned engines.

Nick, I am surprised that you've got fuelling problems. What kind of problems are you seeing?

With your GEMS, you can re-map the injector open duration, which will overcome, to some extent, any deficiency in flow rate.

The other areas to check concern the fuel pressure in the fuel rail: is the fuel pump up to the task (I note that Mike Satur's on line catalogue lists an uprated fuel pump), or perhaps the fuel pressure regulator is under performing.

Possibly the thing to do is to insert a pressure gauge into the fuel line on a Tee- piece: the fuel pressure ought to be around 3.0bar (0.2 bar) - and that pressure ought to be maintained what ever the load.
Rob Bell

They also may need to be ultrasonically cleaned
Blue Pocket Rocket

i'll look into the fuel pump its under fueling sometimes... trouble is i need to get the gems software and comms lead before i can take it in to the rolling road center in reading!!
So it wouldnt benifit from larger injectors then? thats allright then lol one less thing to buy ;-)
Nick Lewis

>> So it wouldnt benifit from larger injectors then? thats allright then lol one less thing to buy ;-) <<

No, not really. There you go, it's not often my Darkside suggestions save someone money! ROFLMAO ;oD
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 10/03/2005

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