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MG MGF Technical - Inlet Manifold ?

Can anybody tell me what is the best replacement exhaust inlet manifold for my 95'F.The present is the standard plastic item,B&G do an alternative alloy item.Will the standard Trophy item give me similar gains??What do you think?
Thanks in advance!
Carl C13 AMB
carl burrows

Actually, not a simple answer.

The alloy 'VVC' style alloy inlet manifolds have larger ports than the inlet ports on the 1.8 MPi cylinder head, so there is a big step to disrupt air flow. In the world of performance tuning, this is a 'bad thing' Added to this, is the fact that the standard castings aren't the best quality - they need a lot of hand polishing, and as Mike Satur recently pointed out, the alignment of the throttle body with the inlet of the manifold is not always the best.

Added to this is the fact that no-one I know of has back-to-back rolling road tested the plastic versus alloy inlet manifold - so who honestly knows?

Overall, I'd say that it would be better to keep the standard plastic inlet manifold and spend the money on other mods first. The alloy manifold may come into its own later when you've ported the standard cylinder head to match the manifold, fitted larger valves and fitted new cam shafts (but then multiple throttle bodies might actually represent a better solution!)

Hope this helps
Rob Bell

I take it this is the air inlet throttle body? I'm currently visioning a plastic exhaust manifold melting over the driveway!


Carl, if you havn't made any mods to your engine then stick with the stock inlet, it gives better torque at lower revs than the VVC plenum, an improvement can be made with the larger throttle body as used on the Trophy /TF160 with the addition of a suitable filter.HTH,mike.(running on a stock inlet!)

We can sell you a port matched VVC style inlet manifold, but you will loose on midrange, with only a couple of BHP gained in the top 1000 rpm. Thats great for intensive track work, but not so good for the road.

Best bet is remove the stock black plastic one, have a look inside and you will see loads of black flashing. Romve this flashing and smooth it out a little inside and you will see quite an improvement. Put that with a 160 Trophy TB and you will be happy!

Several new induction systems on there way in the next few months that will help with the airflow - they will be a dramatic improvement over the K&N option.


Hi Guys,
My F is a 98 1.8i and I had recently problems with the standard plastic inlet manifolds, my dealer has order a new alloy part to replace the plastic one, the question is: this new alloy inlet manifolds the same trophy throttle tb? I think that in the new TF there are no longer plastic inlet manifolds, could exist two different alloy parts, one for the trophy and another for the TF135? Am I getting the trophy part or not? As anyone know the part number of the trophy throttle tb.

Joao Barros Gomes

Looks like the winner for 'most confusing thread' ever appeared at this BBS.

I think you mean the throttle flap body, do you ?
If so then the dealer will for sure install not the larger Trophy thingy, but the smaller standard MK2 aluminum.

Mk1 old sh*t Plastic 48mm
Mk2 MHB102140 Metal 48mm
Mk3 MHB000261 Metal 52 mm Trophy 160 and mgtf
Dieter Koennecke

Dieter do mean that the throttle body is the same plastic one in the Mpi and in the VVC? Thought the VVC was larger... So, only the trohpy and the TF have the 52mm, right?

Cheers, Valter.

Yes Valter, Dieter is exactly right. Both the VVC and MPI had the same 48 mm throttle body. Later models had a metal throttle body (still 48mm) which cured the sticky throttle syndrome. The first appearance of the larger metal 52 mm throttle body was with the Trophy and I believe it is now fitted as standard only to the MGTF 160. All other curent TFmodels have a 48mm metal body. The plastic throttle body has been discontinued.

A lot of MGF and Elise owners are now changing to the 52mm metal body (otherwise reffered to as the Trophy body) to gain the extra breathing advandage. It is a straignt easy swap with the 48mm body as the dimentions refer to the internal diameter. The outside dimensions are exactly the same so all the existing hoses fit without a problem.

Spyros Papageorghiou

OK Spyros, thanks.

Anybody knows when exactly did all the cars have the metal body?

'99 VVC

From about circa 1999 (MY2000) I think Valter, when the alloy 48 mm TB was introduced.

The 52 mm TB was introduced on the MGF Trophy 160 LE - hence the 'Trophy' moniker - and is now standard on the TF 135 and 160. Not sure about the 1.6i 115 bhp engine though?
Rob Bell

I believe it was a bit later then MY2000

From what I stored, it's since:
1D522572 New Specification regarding EURO3 environment rules. MEMS ECU3 MY2001 (EDC3)
(Including metal TB and wider airfilter box)
Early in 2001. Together with the cambered new ECU box and the wider airfilter box.
The pictures on my site from this one were taken by myself from 1D524xxx :)

1D526xxx (app.) was the Tropy introduction
Unfortunately only 2 or 3 Trophy in my records.

Someone who has access to the parts slides should please confirm.

Dieter Koennecke

Bump !

for Tillman
Dieter Koennecke

Dieter, I'll take your word for it mate! ;o)

I'll also have a peak at my brother's MPi to see whether that has a plastic or alloy TB.
Rob Bell

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