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MG MGF Technical - Intake grills - How do they come off?

Can anyone advise me on how to remove the black mesh grilles from the nosecone and side air intakes of my F. Having given the car a thorough spring clean and pre-summer waxing today, these items look dull and faded by comparison and are in dire need of repainting!

Hi Bob,

Have a look at Martin's website - for instructions. Perhaps a chance to change them for stainless steel ones?

Tim Sheppard


If you are going to remove them for cleaning why not just replace them with some stainless-steel or chrome mesh instead - give the F and extra little touch of class (I've nothing against the black ones though!).

Anyway, back to your question...

1. Side grills - Undo the one (or is it two?) screws you can see when you look into the grill then simply pull the grills and surround from the hole in which they live. Probably not a lot of benefit in removing these for cleaning TBQH unless you want to get the back face of the grill.

2. Front bumper grills - Good news is that these can be removed completely from the bumper by removing a nuber of screws. Problem is you have to remove the whole bumper to remove the grills. To do this you need to remove the fix screws you'll see along the top edge of the bumper when you open the bonnet. Then there's the screws holding the wheel arch liner to the bumper - remove these. Behind the liner there are two more concealed screws - the one nearest the wheel arch needs to be removed from memory and the other nearer the headlight (you can't see it you have to do it by feel really) only needs to be slackend. Next you need to removed the front indicator lenses - these can be GENTLY lever out with a flat blade screw driver then the electric cable unplugged. This give you access to the bolts that take all the weight of bumper. Obviously you removed these then the bumper should come away from the car - from here on it's pretty obvious what you need to do.

Before you do ANYTHING, I would suggests to visist Martin Woods website for a better description of how to removed the bumper - lots of pictures also make this clearer. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILTY if things go wrong if you use my instructions! ;-)

Paul Lathwell

Anybody tried the big chrome 'supersports' intake/ what do you think?

Expensive Matt, but they look terrific.

So you plan to build yourself a SuperSports replica then Matt? :o)

You'll also need to talk to Mike Satur about his front wings, and see if you can find a body shop to stretch the rear wheel arches to get the full effect... One thing at a time I guess!

Rob Bell

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