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MG MGF Technical - Intermittent fault

Hi Guys, i wonder if anyone can shed a bit of light on a problem im having, intermittently the revs will go up to just under 2,000 whilst at a junction then it will stall when i try and pull away, also can seem a bit stuttery whilst accelerating.

I have changed the distributor cap even though i had a new one less than a year ago, at the same time last jan, i changed the leads, plugs air filter, and rotor arm so all those are pretty new ??????

Its a 96 MPI not a VVC

thanks for any help
Nick Walters

Sticking throttle position sensor, possibly...


I should have said: could be caused by a distorted throttle body, caused by over-enthusiastic tightening of the jubilee-type clip.


I forgot to say in my first post about the same time 1 year ago, i had the Trophy throttle body fitted..
so that would rule out the distorted body :0(
Nick Walters

>so that would rule out the distorted body :0(

Why ? Distortion not, of course. But what about sticking bearings ?

Distorted body of the plastic thingy was a 'wet nurses'-fairy tale of MG Rover.
IMO just a white lie. The true reason is IMO a bad designed sealing at the flap shaft.

Can anyone confirm, or not, whether the flap shaft bearing of the 'new' ally body are needle or ball bearings ???

PS. anyone rejected recently a just bought metal flap, cause it was sticking.... @ mike ?

Dieter K.

Ok, it was fine this morning, i dont know if the Dizzy cap has sorted the problems, it is parked outside all day today so hopefully tonight i will have a clearer view on whether the problem is still there, if it is i can only assume its damop getting in somewhere ?
Nick Walters

This thread was discussed between 27/10/2002 and 28/10/2002

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