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MG MGF Technical - Is 4 inches important?


Just had my K&N fitted at Souls of Olney -worth every penny just for the noise!! One point; I watched the mechanic fit the cold air pipes (and Tom Randalls bracket) but with the cone aligned as instructions there was no way to leave a 4 inch gap between pipe end and cone withothout kinking the air pipes - So is 4 inches important?


John Roach

I was just wondering if fitting a K&N did so much for a "F" why MGR dont fit them as standard?

Because they don't do f**k all expect put big holes in the power band and make noise!

When will you guys lean?

shut the f*ck up you ignorant scouse w*nker
mg kicks arse


Dont think 4 inches is too important - at least not as far as the K&N and the *F* are concerned:-)


I did lean BUT I keep falling over - am I doing something wrong?

BTW just been shopping in the *F*, got there, got all the shopping in the car and got home again without anything going wrong SO again what am I doing wrong?

And the wife was so happy about it she is now waiting to go out again so Bye Bye!

Ted Newman

Ted what are you doing wrong? Going shopping mate ;-)
Cheers .

If you can read please have a look around this BB and you will see what a total sh*t heap the F is. I am sorry but no matter how hard you gaze though the rose tinted specs, fact are facts......Look for your self.

I am going to find someway to show all would be MGF owners how bloody awful the car is!

tyll din bob scouse.
haven't you been arrested for nicking yer computer yet then you tosspot?

Look Taff
I don't have a lot of time for your people (being a bunch of inbread tossers) The F is crap.........................Ok!
Got read all the HELP requests on this BB.
Will somone kill this crappy car!

4 scousers were wanted for terrorism....the police caught 3 , 'bin stealin' , 'bin joyridin' and 'bin shopliftin' . they are still on the look out for the fourth... 'bin workin' but they arent holding out much hope catching the fouth but say he should stick out like a sore thumb.

F*ck off scouse tosspot.

And if you are mega,liverpool i bet 4 inches is very important...alot better than the 1 he's got now.

Isn't Liverpool in North Wales?

Mega was sometimes amusing .... not now because he's become offensive and his credibilty is completely shot away. I enjoyed the banter exchanges when they were reasonable and friendly. That is no longer the case. Mega IS the weakest link on this BBS ..... Goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE.
John McFeely

Hmm not that simple John...but he's starting to upset the Welsh now.. "Black Hole all Scousers" nice one Dd, thought it was usually "sys" though?
And NO Liverpool isn;t in North Wales, the excommunicated it. Now my theory is if we all start to use long words, (or Welsh, but perhaps we should stick to long words as not too many of us know that much Welsh)we'll confuse the poor chap and he'll dissapear up his own exhaust pipe. Now all this knocking of Scousers is a little harsh as I'm sure there are one or two of them who like MGF's, I mean its not that hard a car to steal is it?

Graeme Card

I don't think even people from liverpool 8 would bother!

No, they'd much rather be fighting in the pub arguing about cars that they could never afford.....
Gareth Kidman

Anyway, John....

I think the 4 inches is 'give or take a bit'. I can't really see that a very big gob of water coul dget rammed up those wide tubes to hit your filter, even if it was right next to the tube outlet. My inlets were about 2.5 inches from the cone for a while, but then I turned the filter on the throttle body to pull it out to 4". No apparent effect!
David Bainbridge

<<I don't have a lot of time for your people>>

judging by the amount of time you have wasted on this BBS, you have more time than you know what to do with.

what a sad empty life you must lead.
paul weatherill

I personally take offence at slagging off scousers, and particularly those from Liverpool 8. I was raised in L'pool 8, and own a MGF. I also didn't steal it. I also own a Pontiac Bonneville SSE, 305 BHP with full leather and every other option available (a jet powered living room), I didn't steal this one either. I also have a Plymouth Voyager. Please don't stereotype; just because your from L'pool 8 doesn't mean you're as ingnorant of the world as Mega. Some of us did escape :)).

So you didn't steal the mgf, or the Pontiac, but reserve comment about the Voyager ;-)

paul weatherill

The K&N does increase power & it does increase noise. Both only a little. MGR don't fit them 'cos they can sell a cheaper version as standard.

4" can be be very important.

Especially when talking about girth.

"4" can be be very important"
"Especially when talking about girth."
Please stop talking about me.


>>Isn't Liverpool in North Wales?

No. They only come over here to steal things.


I hate to break this to you but as girth = circumference 4 inches is not that impressive.

BTW Adrian, and Barry if he's lurking and not to busy stripping down his weapon. What are your thoughts on John Phillip Walker Lindh AKA Abdul Hamid the young American who survived the revolt at Qala-i-Jhangi while fighting for the Taliban?

Traitor or another misguided product of Marin County?

4" is very important if it's all you've got Mr Mega from liverpool, but the rest of us chaps have to put up with the shame of having more!

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