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MG MGF Technical - Is HGF only on VVC's?

Is HGF only on VVC's coz i was thinking of selling mine and changing over to a 1.8mpi i no its slower but its more reliable.


Will Munns

I think its slightly more common on VVCs,but still happens on both all to often. Its definately not worth changing your car over though, just to slightly improve your chances of avoiding an HGF. If it happens, its unfortunate but deal with it, get it fixed and enjoy your car.

thanks for that. i love my 1996 vvc and so far no problems. ive had it since sept but i dont fancy paying all these rover mg bills. i do love the car and i will prob keep it as i have fun in it.

If you are wanting to get servicing work done on your car Gee, then there are plenty of mg specialists who are perfectly competent to perform the work, and will do so at a fraction of MGR dealership rates...
Rob Bell

Hi Rob, can you tell me some of these places in north london as i live in Southgate. thanks

Keep the VVC.
As the VVC as a greater rev band it will be be more prone to wear than the VVC. That is if you use it always till 7k. Is it more prone to HGF? Maybe, if you rev it to 7000 from cold...

Cheers, Valter.

Gee, our nearest specialist is Brown and Gammons in Baldock. I have to confess that I haven't used them for any servicing work, as I take my car all the way up to Leamington Spa to Techspeed, having had the car's suspension upgraded there.

Probably get more replies on this topic if you posted a new thread on the MGF general board.

The bottom line though, is that any competant mechanic (especially one used to working on MG Rover cars) will have no problems with the MGF - be it a MPi or VVC. The trick is to find someone you trust.
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob. Ive only got one other problem it has 45k on it and a full mg history. is it worth keeping a full mg history

>>As the VVC as a greater rev band it will be be more prone to wear than the VVC>>

Than the MPI of course... This morning I'm a bit dislexic... Sorry...


>>is it worth keeping a full mg history <<

Yours is the same age as mine Gee - 7 years old. It is debateable whether a fMGsh is worth anything at this age. I reckoned I'd be keeping the car indefinitely anyway - but reasoned in any case, a full MG service history is unlikely to add value to the car.

Mine has a fMGsh until 2 years ago, when Techspeed started servicing my car. To those in the know, that's probably worth more than a MG service history!
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob. Im in need of a service now anyway so i'll book it in asap.

As it is the gasket itself that is of inferior construction there is no reason a VVC should be more prone to HGFs than an mpi.
What happens when a head gasket in a K-engine blows is that the "rubber band" loses adhesion from the gasket base, the latter made from bright stainless steel. This is bound to happen after a period of time and may be precipitated from contaminated coolant, overheating and from not being careful during engine warm-up.
Always running with the heater valve open and keeping engine revs below 3000 until the engine has reached working temperature will prevent the engine from thermal shocks during this critical phase.

A spring steel gasket may be the solution to the problem. Experience from anybody having tried these is highly appreciated.

This thread was discussed on 21/01/2003

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