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MG MGF Technical - Is it the steering?

Following the fitting of new shockers the car was really noisy over rippled asphalt.

Following Mikes advice I removed the shockers and pumped them half a dozen times before refitting as I thought the noise was the shockers. No luck.

Spent some time today playing with the shocks again and checking for noises in the suspension. ARB links are OK. No ball joint play.

Spoke to Branko on the phone and he suggested I try flicking the steering wheel back and forward and check ifb there was any noise......and there was. A similar hollow knock when moving wheel quickly left and right about 3-4 inches each way with the engine and ignition off (i.e. no EPAS)

Could this be my noise? and ca any of the experts tell me what to look at next?
Phil Stafford

Make sure the shocks are fitted correctly. Ensure the threaded portion at the top is correctly aligned and the rubbers and washers are in correct place. If they are adjustables then make sure the setting is not too hard.

Bruce Caldwell

check the UJ at the bottom of the column, these can wear and cause a knocking.

Thanks Mike I'll check that in the next few days.
Phil Stafford

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