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MG MGF Technical - It can happen to you!!

Just a word of warning here for those who still have to fit a set of MK 2 roll hoops.
When lowering and tightening the left hand hoop make sure that the little wiring loom running to the fuel pump and hidden under the sound deadening insulation is well out of the way.
It wasn't in my case. I only found out after I wanted to drive a way and the car did not start. Motormanagement fuse had gone. Some research showed the trapped loom and damaged wires.
After repair of the loom all was ok again.

Happy Motoring! Bas

This problem can also occur with the loom from the hard topīs window defrosting, which can get stuck into the hinging mechanism of the hood, resulting in wear and tear of the cable, hence shortcutting.
check the wire now and then for damage,
David Peters

David, this defrosting wire was already damaged before. Silly and weak arrangement I think. Should be a hard wearing tough wire, not this silly fragile solution. I might change that later to a better more rigid solution and let the BBS know.

Sorry David, used your name by accident.

no prob Bas,

I found the PVC cover of that wire had worn of because of this. Soit can happen

David Peters

This thread was discussed on 16/08/2003

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