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MG MGF Technical - It had been 5 years since my F was on a trailer

Today 5:PM, after a good (and hot) triathlon, my bicycle well fastened on the bikerack, I tried to get out of my parking place. Reverse, OK. 1st forward @#}^ (french translation) !!!
My 1st thought : one gear cable snapped.
Then I remembered some stories of BBS'ers where it turned out that it was only a little part to replace.
So, that's what I got : imagine the gear shift as a North-South/East-West system. Well, any East-West motion is now impossible. Morever, I only can move the gearstick from center to north... (but center is not centered, it's more forward, so in the "north" position, the gear knob nearly rest against the window switches...

Does that say something to anybody ??
thanx in advance,


Sounds very similar to a problem that I had about a month ago.. attempted to select reverse and ended up hitting the back of the gear surround. Behaved as if it was an automatic by moving forwards and backwards.

Turned out to be painful on the wallet, with both gear cables being snapped.

If you're lucky *unlike me* a lot of BBSers said that it might be that one of the cables has come unclipped and it is a case of clipping it back on again.. So, fingers crossed.

Anyways, over to the experts...



You could try this

Hi Fabrice,

sorry about it. Sounds strange different and non familiar to the behavior I had years ago with the short lower gear cable snapped.
(Jon, forgive me, but I don't believe the double broken.
They changed both at yours, cause the always do ;)
(Which is right if you join an official dealer. Who should take the risk ?)

Anyway, you got the head gasket in, You will do the other job now as well.
Covers Valters DIY cable change. (Two off good motivated DIY guys required)

The other with 5cm lowered rear subframe is at

However, at first investigate the rear linkage bracket, the clips of both bowden cables and the rubber-metal ball joint conditions.

Good luck and a low invoice.

Dieter K.

Oops, I forgot about parts required.
Ask at Marten van der Velde if you need anything from *overseas*. Second hand as well.
Dieter K.

Forgive me but slightly off thread.

I was fitting a complete exhaust system a week ago, on my F, and noticed that the rubber gaiters on the ends of the gear change cables were disintegrating. I now have a set of rubber washers hanging on the cables!

Can one replace the gaiters without replacing the whole cable?

Thanks in advance

Bruce Caldwell

No idea Bruce - it ought to be possible if you stretch the new gaiter over the cable end (the rubber bush at the end of the selector cable, I think, unscrews).

If you manage replacement, and are able to take some pix, I love a copy of the work in progress! :o)
Rob Bell

Thanks for your replies, guys.
Replacing the cables don't seem a job that difficult, esp. with Dieter's & Valter's excellent instructions.

The problem with this kind of failure is that it usually doesn't happen at home !
The car is not driveable, and difficult to move (one has to press the clutch)
The truck took my F for free (well, I pay the insurance for that) to my dealer, but he wouldn't take my F to my parent's home, and that's the place where I undertake these kind of jobs...
So, I suppose it will be a dealer's job ; sadly as I'm just having some days off work this week.

The ball joint of the lower cable seemed OK, it was all I could see from under, my F beeing lowered.

I'll have news from the dealer later today.

Dieter, what is it with parts from UK and Marten ??
I don't have much time to wait for part to come from UK ...



Well, I've got my F back ;o)
with a new clip and another non identified (I mean, from the invoice) cheap little part... and over 50 EUR of labour :-(
In the end, that's not bad, it could have been worse.
thanks again for the advices,

Can you give us the partnumber please, so we could identify the part from the esp

Johan Slagter

My guess: UYC10006

A couple of pics, availiable as usual on the site ;
The lower may be snapped. But I said already the failure description comes not common for me.

The other regarding gaiter repair with bicycle hose and two cable ties.
Thanks to Thorsten Ohms for the funny idea

--- from the site -----
Part number ULS 100070 for the actual gearchange cable. 147.5 cm long

ULS 100060 for what is decribed as the 'Crossgate' cable which is app. 190cm long

Part number UKD 100610. This includes the mechanism that is at the hidden end of the gear lever, both cables and 7 accoustic plugs

1. ULS100060 £62.23 inc VAT (cross gate)
2. ULS100070 to SN 600100 £62.23 inc VAT
3. ULS000010 from SN 600101 £58.25 inc VAT

Notice, this are the part numbers from old files. They may have changed due to the Unipart / Caterpillar supplier change. But I don't think so.

there is still one short cable (new) on the adverts board on my webside. I talked to the guy some month ago. He's OK, but I had no contact after he lost his job with the Dealership close down *in the city, where we met the first time in 99*.
Anzeige von: Kenneth Voigt
Telefon: +49 2182 885166
Eingetragen am: 24.01.2003
Preis: 45€

MGF Schaltseil kurz, das was immer kaputt geht!! E-Teile Nr. ULS 100070
gebraucht vollfunktionstüchtig !!!

Give him a call. His names sounds like he can speak english.

Dieter K.

<<the rubber bush at the end of the selector cable, I think, unscrews.>>

Rubber bush?

I'm not sure what you mean by that Rob. The ends of my cables have rose joints on them which do not come off.

Bruce Caldwell

> rose joints ???
Please explain for the foreigner.
This is I think you reffer to ?
A ball joint with snap on part made of plastics. Surrounded with rubber. Rubber ring is adhered (vulcanised) into the outer ring. Ring riveted to a M6 thread joint.
Screwed on the cable end and secured with a second M6 nut (for adjustment)

Dieter K.

This shows better.
Old pic from good old Dirkie made 99.
The lower cable shows the ring with *lost* rubber and centre part.
The upper is the rear cable end with removed rubber gaiter.
Dieter K.

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