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MG MGF Technical - ITG Maxogen air filter


has anybody fitted the ITG Maxogen air filter and tell me if it is absolutely necessary to remove the resonator. If so what is the easiest or less time consuming way to do so ?
Finally any comments on the filter itself, happy with the "noise" and throttle responsiveness ?

Thanks for your comments

Cheers Oliver
Oliver Gröteke

I have one and the resonator remains in place to allow for a later return to standard when the car goes and to retain a degree of debris protection being thrown up by the tyre towards the engine bay. Plus removal is possible without to much dismantling, but it does require some 'compression' of the resonator.

Once the engine settles you will finds the noise levels to be near standard except on full throttle, when the note deepens and becomes similar to the old twin Weber carb roar. The torque is enhanced and it appears that the actual power band is brought lower in the rev range.

Throttle response remains very sharp, perhaops slightly sharper with the greater available air volume to draw upon.

Fuel consuption remains in the same area as before also.

Roger Parker

Rog, I don't know what you mean by "some" compression but I was unable to remove the resonator from my car even using a lot of compression! As I didn't want to lower the subframe I cut the thing into small pieces using an anle grinder - definately not recommended. I can confirm that the resonator is probably the strongest part on the car!

I remember that some years ago Carl also said that he could remove the rsonator without lowering the subframe, so there may be some difference between cars.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Or perhaps a difference in material stiffness Spyros?

Gaz wasn't successful in reaching the engine bay vent with the Hurricane kit with the reasonator in place- how is the ITG inlet pipe able to Rog?
Rob Bell


Are there any real numbers relating this solution? torque @ revs, etc...??

I removed the ressonator, but I had to cut it out. Tried everything to remove it in one piece, but I couldn't. BTW, I've cut the outside wall into one piece and put it back on to prevent dirt from the wheel to penetrate the engine bay. Did you left it open?


Valter Fernandes

Valter, I left the wheel arch open. I was worried at first about dirt from the wheel geting into the engine bay but it's been more than two years now and I didn't have any problem. The reason I originally removed the resonator was because it was knocking about every time I went over a bump (I have a K&N) and I couldn't make it stop.

Rob, I can't see how you can reach the side vent with anything if the resonator is in place. Perhaps Rog has mounted the ITG pipe somewhere else. The resonator is made by a very strong kind of plastic (the kind that doesn't crack) over 5mm tick and with a lot of bends so it is virtually unbreakable- I broke a couple of hacksaw blades before attacking with the angle grinder.

Spyros Papageorghiou

Hi all,

Yes, it IS possible to take out the original air-box without cutting it to pieces but only if that heavy black iron-part is taken away as well. Unfortunatly the fuel-filter is attached to this thing so a separate small attachment for the fuel-filter is needed. I made a alu-strip to support the fuel-filter - it is important that it is secured as there should be no stresses to the fuel-line or it´s connectors. A PVC-sheet was fabricated ( about the outlines of the old air-filter box ) and fastend to the inner wheelarch in order to keep dust from entering the engine bay.
Hopefully I can take some pict. and send to Dieter in due time. At present we are struggling here to salvage the car from soot and smell generated by a nearby garage-fire !!

Regards , Carl.

Spyros- not sure how Rog managed it, I'd need to see for myself. Interestingly, you may recall that there is an air induction kit available from Moss? It attaches to the base of the airbox (IIRC) and routes its air intake from the nearside vent- without the removal of the reasonance chamber.

Again, no idea how this was done- really must get round to having a closer look!!!

Carl- hope you get the car de-smoked soon- and very happy to hear that the fire didn't spread that far!!!
Rob Bell

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