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MG MGF Technical - ITG Maxogen air filter

I fitted the kit a couple of weeks ago and thought I would pass on my experience.
It is a little difficult to fit,a long flexible screw driver with allen key bit is essential.Be prepared to re drill/slot the base plate supplied as mine did not line up properly causing the filter housing to foul the bodywork.
However,when fitted it is a superb bit of kit.Torque seems better through the range and the engine seems to rev more readily and response is better.
I do not miss the K and N roar,I was starting to find it quite irritating.With the Supersports exhaust it is more than loud enough.
It is nice not to have to worry about the K and N downpipes at every hump in the road.
It is, in my opinion,overpriced,but I think it is worth the money.
If you have fitted the K and N it may be difficult to justify the expense. If starting from the standard filter I think that the ITG is far superior and worth the extra cash.
Tim Sanders

Great to recieve the feed back Tim :o)

I know a few people about who are working on low-cost alternatives - Andrew "Scarlet Fever" Phillips being a principle mover here! ;o)

Here's another alternative that'll only cost a few quid when complete...

Might not work as well though, but that'll be interesting to put to the test... :o)
Rob Bell

Nice one Rob,I can see no reason why this should not work just as well.
Tim Sanders

I fount the ITG to be duificult to fit too - there realy isn't enough room in there - getting the pipe from the throttle to the filter was the hardest bit imho.
I too like the fact it's a bit quiter than the K&N other than the massive roar it makes when you start the car :D
The feeling of responsiveness is greatly improved - especialy when pushing hard from a standing start. also 4th seems a more useable gear now
I would be enjoying it now if some b#tch hadn't driven into my f last week :( - 2 days after i fitted it.

next mod - close ratio gearbox maybe.

Rob alluded to this 'work in progress'. The following has been cut and pasted from the X-Power forum and should give you some idea of what i am up to...


"What's that then?" i hear you ask, well for some time now Rob Bell (from the MG Cars forum) and i have been toying with designing and manufacturing our own cold air box, similar in concept to the ITG Maxogen.

"Why do this?" is the next question. The ITG is very expensive, we are talking nearly 300.00 here and most people have already purchased a K+N 57i. The ITG box is specifically designed for thier filter so a K+N or a Piper X wont fit. Rob has been playing with heat shields and a Rover 820i air box and i have been designing one that will cater for any cone filter and any throttle body / inlet plenum arrangement.

"What are the benefits?" Well, the reason the K+N 57i produces such a large power benefit is because the standard air intake system on the MGF suffers from the mid engine location and an excessively convoluted intake route. The K+N 57i, as well as being a more efficient filter medium, has a pair of cold air pipes that are mounted, forward facing on the underside of the car. This provides a cold air feed (cold air being denser and thus contains more oxygen), with a 'ram air' effect directly to the filter. This set up has been independantly proven to produce +8bhp on a 1.8 MPi and +15bhp on a VVC. BUT! the filter is mounted at the top of the engine bay, surrounded by hot air (heated by the engine), so a large part of the cold air is diluted by the ambient temperature of the air in the engine bay. The ITG system isolates the filter from this ambient air and has a dedicated cold air feed from the side air intake, thus overcoming the shorcomings of the K+N set up.

So, the ideal would be a fully enclosed air box, with it's own dedicated cold air supply that could accomodate a K+N, Piper X or ITG filter and cope with the various throttle body / inlet plenum variations.

I give you, the Generic Cold Air Induction Chamber...

>> <<

This is the latest design, and it has been passed to a manufacturer for cost analysis and the production of a prototype, i am hoping to (all being well) get these made up and undercut ITG by a big margin - the main benefit is of course that if you already have a K+N or Piper X you can make use of the chamber and maximise the performance of the filter. <<

Scarlet Fever

Hi, If I put the ITG Maxogen air filter on my TF160, would there be enough difference in power to justify the outlay?, what would be the approx BHP when fitted?


chris watton

Not sure on this one Chris, some of the TF's extra horses come from a revised air box and therefore you run the risk of trading one efficient set up for another one.

That said however, the +15bhp gains were recorded on a standard VVC, 145 + 15 = 160bhp. Therefore, given that the TF 160 has other modifications as well, (exhaust system is worth up to 5bhp) in theory the K+N should provide some performance gain.

Scarlet Fever

Thanks for that scarlet, I can't help feeling my TF 160 is, or seems more sluggish that the Trophy160 I traded it in for!, seems like quite a few horses are missing!, That, coupled with the fact I have interia sqeeks and rattles aplenty makes me wonder if I did the right thing trading in my Trophy!!!
It feels like it needs about another 10BHP for a tad sharper acceleration, but am not sure the best way to get the extra HP, if an ITG Maxogen will only give me maybe an extra 5 tops, it's not worth it, of do you think that would make quite a difference?

chris watton

Chris, there may be another reason for this: the mating of the throttle body to the alloy inlet plenum may not be perfect.

The way to check this is to remove the air filter, open the throttle (safest if you have the engine switched off! LOL) and peer through the open throttle. There should be no evidence of a mismatch - unlike the one that Mike Satur has shown us:

If there is evidence for this, either have a chat with the nice Mr Satur, or suggest to MGR that they find you a new Plenum!
Rob Bell

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