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MG MGF Technical - ITG Maxogen v Pipercross Viper

Hi guys

I know many people have the ITG unit fitted but does any one have any experience of the Viper... The carbon fibre clear cold box does look the part !!

And the performance gains look similar

Any comments



The ITG has a very nice carbon air box too!

Either product is likely to provide a very useful gain over the standard air filter, and indeed over the K&N 57i system. Indeed, even the Rover 820 airbox yields remarkable results (see the other "Rover 820 airbox - it works a treat!" thread).

We have no comparative RR results to tell which is the better of the ITG or Viper kits (which would be interesting!) - but if the press literature suggests similar results, then I have no reason to doubt that.

In the end therefore, go for the one that best suits your pocket and your sense of the aesthetic! ;o)
Rob Bell

I think your probably right Rob...

I have decided to go for the piper cross viper, the performance gains look similar and it is a nice looking unit with the clear carbon box..

I have ordered one and should get it wed/thu so I will post some pickies once installed and tested and pass on the results..



I look forward to hearing about your thoughts and impressions of the fitted kit Stu. :o)
Rob Bell

Same here Stu!

And comparison with Rob's new box will be very very interesting!
Hanah Kim


I fitted a Pipercross about two weeks ago (bought it from MS). I wanted to buy an ITG but Mike specifically adviced me the Pipercross as my car (MPI)has no other engine mods. ITG would be better suited for cars above a certain BHP level(I believe 160 BHP), Mike told me. Added bonus : the Pipercross was a bit less expensive. The system was easy to install (through the engine cover though) and all the bits you need are supplied with the kit.
The sound gain is a nice deep refined bass; something you would rather expect from an exhaust; but only appears above app. 3500 rpm (there is also some extra sound if you're a bit too low in rpm). Above 5000 rpm an extra whistle is noted; especially with the hood closed. All in all a very nice extra sportive touch; but not as loud and IMO more refined as a K&N; due to the filterbox which dampens the whole a bit. A slight torque increase is noted at lower rev range; but the beast really comes out as off 3500 rpm. Overall the car feels a lot more responsive. Great system ! Go for it !


I've been tossing up whether to go for the pipercross or the itg for weeks now (I have an 1.8mpi) but until now wasn't sure which system would be better suited for my car, so me thinks the pipercross may be the weapon of choice for my vee-hickle. I would love to see a comparison of the k&n, pipercross, itg and Rob's 820 mod to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each.


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