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MG MGF Technical - jobble at speed

Hi guys.
this is my first post in the MGF forum, i have posted a few times in the midget forum but had to sell my midget as a restoration turned out to be beyond me so i took the easy option and brought an MGF.
My question is:
after buying my N reg MGF (non VVC) yesterday i opened her up to see how she went, all was good for a while until i came to a very very slight bend, on exiting the bend the car tried to kill me!! it developed a wobble and seemed to sway from side to side all on its own.
Any ideas on what might have caused this?
thanks in advance for your help.
J Pearce

what the hell am i talking about...whats a jobble??????????????
J Pearce

No idea, but some english speaking used to name that phenomen *wobble* or *wobbly* (may be) ?

However, it's of course tracking related.
any of the four wheels will have play.
Play from worn wheel bearing(s),
or worn ball joints at the lower, or upper arm.
Or worn track rod end(s), or worn suspension rubber bearings. Gone steering rack may be aswell.

However, this all starts with the correct ride height. The MGF suspension height is temperature related and the height has large influence on the front toe angles.

So get this fixed at first in a proper garage.

Let them check all the suspension components while you are there, and finally let them adjust the tracking with 4-wheel laser alignment equipment.

That's all by now. Everything else you need to know could be found in the archives and on several more or less comprehensive websides.


Hi Justin,

The NSR wheel bearing is often the first to fail, so as Dieter suggests, I'd start the investigation there. Or, if there has been any work done on the rear hub recently, failing to re-threadlock the lower arm to hub bolt can see it undoing itself 8-/
Mike Hankin

This thread was discussed on 05/03/2007

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