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MG MGF Technical - K and N Question

When I fitted my K and N air filter about 18 months ago I noticed at the time that the filter would fit directly on to the throttle intake without the need of the rubber tubing supplied with the kit.
It has niggled me ever since and a couple of days ago I removed the filter, cleaned it, and fitted it without the tube.
No noticeable difference in performance etc but far less induction noise.
The distance between the filter and the cold air tubes is obviously greater which I would think is an advantage.
My only worry is why K and N would go to the trouble and expense of supplying the tube and clips if they were not needed.
Any thoughts,
Tim Sanders

this was discussed when the K&N was developed for the F. More response in lower revs but less power in higher revs was the outcome I believe.
Check the archives, esp. post from Rob Bell about this.

Dirk, you are quite right. Fitting the filter actually benefits low end torque on a 1.8i- makes the engine much more punchy.You loose half the bhp gain at the top end though Tim- but the question is, how often do you rev the engine above 5000 rpm?

On a VVC there is no advantage to removing the spacer tube- only detriment to top end power.

One should note though that the K&N was developed on Spencer Planton's VVC- and not on a 1.8i...

Makes one wonder whether a different intake length would be of benefit to the 1.8i engine. Infact, I think that an Elise owner did exactly that, but I don't recall the results- I suspect that the best solution is the standard spacer tube for top end power... His reports should be on the Lotus Elise BBS archive (FWIW)

Rob Bell

I have tried it both ways and I prefer it with the tube fitted on my 1.8i). Being near the cold air pip[es is an advantage because you get more power with cold air as it is denser and so contains more oxygen.

The reason the extende pipe is used to control air flow to an optimum level for the car, unfortunatley this kit was developed for the VVC which has slightly different requirements.
Tony Smith

This thread was discussed on 13/10/2000

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