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MG MGF Technical - K Series Tuning - FAO Roger Parker

You might find this an interesting site


Apparently Rog you have this already in your bookmarks?

(thanx David)

>Apparently Rog you have this already in your bookmarks?

Be sure, we all have :)
Found this some weeks ago. See the archive for K-Engine.
Dieter Koennecke

Try ww.Minister as well guys. You will be pleasantly surprised.
bob pulleyblank

try the following if you have problems with the one above:


Nice Erik,
one more link for a look 'over the fence'

I hope its OK to paste this here from their side.
Caterham racing, must be interesting :)

With outstanding success on the circuits MRE have established and offer a range of conversions and products for the discerning driver who wishes to enhance the performance of their car.

Rover K series
MRE have been modifying the Rover K series engine for the last 4 years and have accrued a vast knowledge of this excellent engine, which has established itself as a reliable and highly adaptable unit. Whether it is in the 1.4, 1.6 or 1.8 version, all can be modified and built to give exciting performance throughout the R.P.M. range. MRE offer a number of conversions that can be tailored to the owners requirements. Success in sports car races, hill-climb and endurance races, are the back-ground to the various conversions we offer.

Conversions - some examples:
For Lotus Elise cars
For Caterham cars

These conversions are built in-house and can be fitted at our factory. Some conversions are available in kit form.

MRE also offer for the K series:
Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads
Full Management Systems
Vernier Pulleys
Dry Sump Systems
Performance Camshafts
Performance Valve Springs
Lightened flywheel (Lotus Elise/MGF)
Gear Ratio Sets (Lotus Elise/MGF)
Automatic Torque Biasing Differential Units (Lotus Elise/MGF)
Final Drives (Lotus Elise/MGF)
air filters

Engineering Services
Gas Flowing Cylinder Heads
Dynamometer Facilities
Engine Management Mapping
Prototype Work

Stupid german question :-/
What in heaven are 'Gas Flowing Cylinder Heads' and 'Dynamometer Facilities'
Dieter Koennecke


A Gas Flowed Cylinder head, is where the Inlet ports and outlet ports on the cylinder head have been modified to allow the gases ( Air and Petrol Mixture) to enter the cylinder bores of the engine, in larger volumes and more directly and to exhaust the burnt gases in larger volumes and quicker. The result is a free reving engine ( well better reving than before)

It is done by griding and polishing away at the inlet and oulet ports to make them smooth bigger and take out anything that obstructs the gas flow into the engine. This can be the end of the valve stems, a sharp turn in the inlet or oulet port. The process sounds quite simple but a lot of sicence can go into it to obtain the best flow.


:) Thanks for explanation Steve.
So, nothing new and as pictured at the known Andrews modification site.

Learning never ends :)
I hope that Mr Alzheimer allows me to remember it the next time ;-)
Dieter Koennecke

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